The Dog Thread


We looked at it, what's included and excluded, decided it wasn't anywhere near worth it.




Its like all insurance, not worth it until you need it.



Insuring the dog was going to cost us a third of what it costs to insure our house, and they wouldn't cough up for a car accident, wouldn't cough up if the dog ate something it shouldn't, wouldn't cough up for cancer, and expenses were capped at a few grand, so, no, not really.

Others may have other experiences but we found it to be a total rort.




Some time ago, the neighbour discovered that his pensioners household insurance contract provided limited capped cover for pets at no extra charge and without exclusions. . It helped.


I'd like to petition to have Alex Rance added to this thread.


Don't insult dogs! My vet had a saying in the surgery that said, "The average dog is a nicer person than the average person." I actually think dogs in general are nicer than most people.



Thanks everyone for your well wishes. Has been my best mate for 12 years so will be tough if he doesn't make it - we'll know in the next few weeks if it's an aggressive brain tumour or something else.

I thought he was choking on a baby's toy the other night but he was actually having a seizure. He ended up having 3 seizures in 12 hours.

In regards to pet insurance- I had cover for snake bite and accident. I had to get the Ombudsman involved last year when he hurt his shoulder chafing rabbits. The insurance company tried to get out of it saying it was arthritis when he hadn't ever been diagnosed with arthritis in the past.


That's awful. My little terrier had seizures in the last few years of her life... turned out to be a heart condition they controlled with medication and gave her a very nice quality of life to the end.

Best of luck to your little one.


We never looked into but have always thought that with one dog in hospital for 2 nights after eating snail bait and another with pancreatic insufficiency costing us $2.50 a day in meds it might of been worth it. Sounds like it wouldn't? What does it actually cover?


Our little Maltese cross has had a lot of problems with ear infections. Luckily the latest treatment is working or we could have been looking at surgery to remove her ear canal.

Here's our beautiful girl:


Pet insurance is about as dodgy as it gets. Before buying read the PDS in VERY fine detail.


It's so common in dogs with 'floppy' ears. Keeping them free of hair really helps. It's simple and pain free if done properly and makes cleaning their ears much easier.


As scotty says, very important to read the PDS in full.
You can get different levels of cover
Most classify them eating something as basically being preventable by the owner, and won't cover it
Same if they break out and something happens to them - ie run on the road & get hit by a car


They get away with very shifty advertising as well. They are very careful in saying "eligible vet bills" without explaining exactly what that is.


Meanwhile its a hard life in the Scotty21 house.


Having read that, I distinctly heard our family doctor talking to my mum about me when I was a little tyke....


And it's a disgrace that they are able to get away with it.
7th level of hell for these guys, along with bankers.