The Don't Argue

Can someone explain this rule to me, absolute blight on the game, ok to put a hand to face to push off, I don’t get it??

Absolutely not and a couple of those tonight should definitely have been called high.

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Basically, if commentators call you by your nickname you can fend off to the neck and face as much as you want. If they call you by your surname, it’s free kick against you.


I love the fend off.

Should be paid if you get the hand to the face, but adds to the spectacle/theatre of the game


You can’t jumper punch, but you can push someone with a thrust to the eyes or throat. Keep this in mind when you want to belt some c*nt.


Apparently Dustin Martin is the best at it in the AFL, to me it’s wrong.

And glad our boys don’t seem to adopt it.

What I don’t get is why players haven’t realised that Martin and the Port shitbird do it every time they get the ball. Try grabbing the arm they’re offering to you and dragging them down rather than trying to wrap them up and ending up on your backside. Every single time.

Follow Hurley’s example on Dangerfield in the Country game.


Spot on re Hurls approach. Drag the player towards you and don’t let go… Impossible to dispose of the ball effectively.

And make it a fair contest on the ball, should be addressed in the rules

It is addressed in the rules. If the contact is high it’s a free kick… and it’s usually picked up… tonight it wasn’t.


This thread is dumb


I think the call of " The don’t argue "is dumb it’s a blatant high fend off/tackle and gives the tackling player no defence. Oh he gave him the don’t argue WTF

Well thats the problem it seems a commentators favourite and umpires, he did the don’t argue, so all good.

follow it up with throwing them into the boundary barrier.

Ok glad to see our boys don’t do it, but yeah maybe a ■■■■ thread…carry on

Straight arm.

Mark Johnson used to do it heaps


Why are you glad our boys don’t do it? Not that we have anyone proficient in it, but if it’s done legally (i.e. on the torso below the throat) there is nothing wrong with it.

You seem to want to complain about high contact not being paid, that’s fine as the umps missed a couple of frees to us but if we had Dustin Martin doing don’t argues every other game blitz would be loving it. Nothing wrong with it.



Enki basically nailed it. We would be absolutely up and about if SPP was a Bomber and delivered those straight-arms.