The end of year cannon - who should be fired into the sun?


I question whether it is our approach to development. Some of our players seem to have gone backwards.
Players in a good system may not improve, but they don’t go backwards.


Myers has a two year contract, we can only trade him and i doubt anyone wants him (although it would be nice if West Coast suddenly thought they might).


I’d pay him out just to give the spot to a kid, honestly


As good as he was for us, it just shows how low our midfield standards are.
He only played 6 games for Sydney 3 years ago.
He wouldn’t get a game for them this year.


Why don’t we draft the best WAFL player, best SANFL player and best VFL players and give them one year.
They’ve earned it more than Jerrett, Long and McKernan based on VFL form.


Half our current VFL team might offer more than them.


I think your being unfair on Smack


In theory, I think it’s more a case of the game evolves past their skill sets.

In the past we have often drafted guys with a question mark, tank, disposal etc. problem with those things is the game can evolve quicker than the rate of improvement. Bad kicks look workable at one speed, but as the intensity and the pace of the game grows, guys get found out more.


I have no faith in the coach or dodoro to make the hard calls that need to be made


Yeah I was referring to the other two.

No issues with Smack. He’s a depth role player, he won’t make us into a success, but you need a couple of players on your list like him. Look at Spangher at Hawthorn during their flags.


I’m a bit curious to see whether Myers, Colyer and Heppell straighten up next year. Bit less curious about Howlett and Hocking. I think the year out is a factor this year.
You compare and contrast the starting line-up of rd 1 Essendon 2015 and 2017 there are certainly new faces. Will be more obvious rd 1 next year that it’s a new era. Mos def need quality mids. Liberatore, Gaff top of my list from theose rumoured to be partial to a move.

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Langford and Laverde are what you speak of IMO. They looked fairly good in their first season, now they seemed to have turned to crap. How can that be?


lav injuries.

lang being forced to be a mid.



The trouble with this is, draftees must get a two year deal.


As I said in the other thread, the club needs to make a decision of where our list is at and make drastic change. Because we have been in ‘no mans land’ for 15 years of trying to buck the trend of not going through a rebuilding phase.

We need to decide whether we are going to drop all the average players from our list and start a fresh with youth and top draft selections, with a focus on 2020.

Or throw the kitchen sink (salary and draft picks) at a handful of players from other clubs to rocket us into the top 4.

Either way a decision needs to be made.


Not if they’re rookies or over 23 years of age.


I wasn’t necessarily thinking of them. But Langford hasn’t improved much, but I was also thinking of Jerrett who started well a few years ago then went backwards, Colyer and Tippa seem to have gone backwards this year. Tippa in particular looks like he doesn’t know where he is supposed to be.
Francis hasn’t come on at all, and Long seems to have gone backwards.
I don’t see the VFL so I am limited in what I see, but all the players we hear are going to be coming on rarely get there.
Even Heppell seems to have gone backwards from where he was two-three years ago.
I know he had eight months off or whatever it was for but that was a year ago.


Would look to move on Myers, Jerrett, Howlett, Hocking, Smack, Eades, Morgan, Long + the retirees. Let’s notmkod ourselves either, none are being traded for other tjanmaybe Myers who we’d get pick 60ish for.
I’d keep Bird simply as a backup hard nut who can also tag, something we need to look at.


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