THE FINAL TEAM - rd 6 vs Dees

In: Ben Howlett, Tom Bellchambers, James Stewart, Martin Gleeson, Kyle Langford, Conor McKenna

Out: James Kelly (rested), Matthew Leuenberger (rested), Aaron Francis (rested)

B: Patrick Ambrose, Michael Hurley, Martin Gleeson

HB: Mark Baguley, Mitch Brown, Ben McNiece

C: Travis Colyer, Zach Merrett, Andrew McGrath

HF: Orazio Fantasia, Cale Hooker, David Zaharakis

F: Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, Joe Daniher, Brendon Goddard

R: Tom Bellchambers, Ben Howlett, Dyson Heppell

I: (from) Darcy Parish, Josh Green, Jobe Watson, Brent Stanton, James Stewart, Kyle Langford, Conor McKenna

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Stewart, Bellchambers and McKenna/Gleeson look like the likely ins.

Really hope Langford’s inclusion is Woosha taunting us.

Guess jobe and Stants on there in case they don’t come up.

Great for belly. Myers must need another week. Selection dilemmas coming.


With Stanton and Watson on the bench, I wouldn’t be surprised if they will be rested too

Be interested to hear from those who were at the VFL game at the weekend who they think deserve the spots

Nichols again FFS



Jordan Lewis Tomas Bugg Cameron Pedersen Oscar McDonald Sam Weideman Mitch Hannan

Jake Spencer Timothy Smith Jesse Hogan

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Howlett is named on the ground with Belly and Gleeson.


Is this some sort of joke with Aaron Francis out (rested)?

  • Stewart almost certain with Francis out. certain INS would be Gleeson, Howlett, TBell.

  • Interesting how Myers’ readiness was the headline on SEN a couple of hours. oh well. here’s to hoping he doesn’t get injured again before he makes it back.

  • If no Myers, Bird, Hocking in the INs, then I def hope the remaining out besides the 3 mentioned is Stants, and not Jobe.




Oh I do not like those changes at all.

So it would seem Gleeson, Bellchambers and Howlett are definite ins with Gleeson for Kelly and Bellchambers for Leuey being obvious like for like. Howlett in for Francis is probably about increasing midfield strength, but Francis out could also mean an opportunity for Stewart with perhaps Green needing a rest, I would prefer the run of Green if he is fit, but I could understand bringing Stewart in to perhaps give JD some relief and maintain the potency of the forward line.

The real question is are the last 3 the emergencies? (no convention in the order)

If Jobe being rested, Langford is in the team, if Stanton is then Conor is in the team, and, as I said, Stewart could replace Green if he doesn’t come up.

If Parish needs a rest it could be for McKenna or Langford, I hope Parish doesn’t need a rest.

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I think it’s still between Stewart or Langford. One of the two to come in.

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Looks like we’re really going after their lack height.

Would of thought Langford needed to show more than he did on the weekend to get back in.
Stewart deserves to come in on the back of several weeks good performances


That’s interesting

Bird doesn’t get even get picked in squad, I guess the weekend of missed footy standing against him.

Myers obviously they want more than one hitout under his belt. Fair enough given his injury prone self.

Francis would be a risk to overdo it & get injured. Once again the has been given a taste and shown the level he needs to get to. Can go away and keep working hard.

Kelly I somewhat expected, deliberate strategy to get him right for 300th.

Still could be any number of other players who don’t get up for Dees.

Dees look set to go very short. I wouldn’t be rushing to bring in a tall for Francis, if anything id be considering leaving hurls out as well in favor of runners. We’ll still have an advantage in the ruck and probably be able to stretch them for height when pedo spells to the bench

Didn’t think gleeson did too well either.

Not sure if I can agree with dropping Hurley for balance. Plenty of others before him especially considering he played on a small against colingwood.