The fixture is in - 2022

Any idea when the 2022 fixture will be coming out?

Late November (I read somewhere)

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December, week before Christmas aint it?

Late November is the draft.

I think it’s something like december 17(date sticks in my mind for some reason)

The day after there is a really bad scandal.


Like Jake Carlisle a day after being traded?

The fixture will be in when the AFL finalise the fixing of the games.


It’s usually end of October.

if this is correct last years was on dec 20. but if it comes earlier awesome!

Round 1 Sydney at SCG
Round 2 Melbourne at MCG
Round 3 Brisbane in Brisbane
Round 4 Port in Adelaide
Round 5 Collingwood
Round 6 Bulldogs at Comic Book Stadium
Round 7 GWS Sydney
Round 8 Richmond at MCG
Round 9 Eagles in Perth
Round 10 to 22 catch up games.


Why do you hate North Ballarat so much?

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R1: Sydney SCG
R2: GWS Showground
R3: West Coast Perth
R4: Port Adelaide Adelaide
R5: Collingwood
R6: Brisbane Gabba
R7: Carlton

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The Collingwood of the Ballarat league - say no more.


The fixture is usually out by now. Obviously 2020 was different because the grand final was in late October but from memory the 2019 fixture was announced on November 1st 2018. Whenever the announcement is, I’m just hoping for some fairness as our 2021 fixture was grossly unfair with interstate travel, 5 of the first 11 interstate gave us little hope before Melbourne was shut down but with West Coast, Sydney & Fremantle in our third of the seedlings, along with St Kilda and Richmond I think we can expect another reaming.

Latest on the fixture

We are looking for a stand alone game for our 150th.

Surely this has to be Carlton?

Like by rivalry. We don’t do anything like an Anzac Day(filth) or Dreamtime(tigers) with them.

And a big crowd will turn out.

History (hello wiki. ) tells me we played our first match against them too.

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Yep a Google backs you up mate

  • Adelaide has asked for more games to be shown on free-to-air television.

Unless they’re Adelaide games.



You also know you do not want to be this club playing Sydney round 1.

It has also been reported Sydney wants to start the season at the SCG with superstar forward Lance Franklin just five goals away from reaching the 1000 mark.

Sure you do. They’ll be more Buddy centric than normal. Makes them a bit more predictable.

But odds are they’re given an easy kill (North Melbourne, GC) to make it a bit easier for Buddy to jag 5.

Melbourne wants a grand final rematch home game round 1 so they can unfurl the premiership in front of its members…

I kinda like they want the dogs there for that too, just to rub it in

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Just seen up our first 2 rounds.

Round 1 vs Sydney - SCG
Round 2 vs Sydney - SCG