The Forest from the Trees: A post for the stats nerds


And as established earlier the 11% was actually 41%.


Stringer looked amazing in the clearances then like he had nfi what to do with it when going i50.

And yeah, chopsuey is right- for the last 2 weeks our forwardline has looked excellent, getting to the right spots and evening up the numbers. Saturday night was a step backwards, but considering the shambles we were for over a month I think the trend is still the right one.

Progress is rarely linear (just look at the tiges 2016!) but we are looking much more a modern team this past month.


The Stats Pro app on the AFL site enables us to look at Ryder (5 games) vs TBell (10 games) this year.
It looks like finally TBell has had an extended injury free run at it and compares very well wrt Ryder .

So Blitzers can maybe finally stop agonising so much about Ryder having left the club. Remember Ryder is one year older than TBell. Ryder hits 30 this year.

#264 "Only one team – Geelong against West Coast in round three – out of 30 this year has lost when it won contested possessions, disposal efficiency and pressure factor in the same game.

That equates to 96.7 per cent of the time, the highest winning percentage from the stats three-pack in six years."

We need to recruit/develop contested ball winners, (eg. strong pound for pound) who can stand up/break free from congestion/tackles to deliver the ball to a teammate efficiently (instead of doing it falling over) and have the stamina to apply pressure all game. To emphasise the point, the leading contested ball winners in the AFL, and how important their size is to their numbers…

In order of leading contested ball winners:
Cripps 1.9m
Fyfe 1.9m
Mitchell 1.81m
Oliver 1.87m
Cunnington 1.85m
Macrae 1.91m
Neale 1.77m
Kennedy 1.88m
Greenwood 1.91m
Grundy 2.02m
Dangerfield 1.89m
Parker 1.83m
Yeo 1.9m

*Heppell 1.89m at 25th best.

In the top 12 contested possession winners there are only two under 6 foot mids, Mitchell and Neale - freaks and an exception to the rule - there’s always guys so exceptionally talented at extracting that they can make up for their size. However, with more contested possession (ie. less ‘outside’ and more ‘inside’ possession) occuring in the Little League that is modern footy, size matters. Our under 6 foot mids are Smith, Zaka, Parish, Merrett, Tippa, Raz… a fair percentage of our midfield.


Some good stuff on Stats from Shawry


Just in case you needed more reminders of why Daniher is our biggest weapon


Soooo last few months:

(the link below was posted here previously, and is referred to in the ABC article)


We won.

How CD rated the players. FWIW

But for Harris Andrews, we would have won by 10 goals plus.

Here is who CD reckon our best players are this year so far FWIW


Impressive by the Redman.

Hopefully I can watch the replay tonight.


Redman was exciting, it looked like he transitioned seamlessly from VFL to AFL, because he’s been playing exactly like that for weeks in the VFL. Proves that some players can make the jump to the higher level look easy.


If you can be bothered what’s the 10 best performances by our players this year?


The Package up to number 5, interesting

Heck of an effort by the coaching staff to keep a genuine star in Dayne Beams so ineffective


According to Lloyd, Langford and Myers ( yes David Myers) were responsible for blanketing Beams.


CD Stats for the game FWIW.


There appear to be more than the usual number of variations from reality in this week’s CD stats.


You’ll have to point them out for me.

I didn’t think it was a terrible representation of the game.


NicNat, one of the best ruckmen in the game (so I’m repeatedly told; haven’t seen any other WCE games this year) had a better than average game to be the dominant big man for the game?

For starters.


If Natinui and McGovern were the 3rd and 4th best players on the ground last night I’ll eat my hat, ■■■■ it out and eat it again.
■■■■ off champion data you clueless muppets.


I don’t see the name Margetts in there either


Apparently Lewis Jetta was so good he was off the chart in the last quarter. Quite the feat given he was practically invisible for most of the game.