The Forest from the Trees: A post for the stats nerds

How good is that website!

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Bump… Any Brownlow predictor stat based sites out there again this year?

Theres mine if you want to have a play!



Interesting effect of historic model skew on Essendon vote getters. Basically swaps Merrett and Shiel.

Yep and it’s even harder to tease out as they weren’t on the same team last year haha. Same as Lachie Neale, it always really struggled with him due to the Nat Fyfe - Umpire love affair, so God knows how it will go this year.

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No real surprises here. Need Heppell fit and able to play a full season, Smith back and the other midfielders to improve, maybe find another decent midfielder from the list. Maybe McKenna, Redman

Champion Data ratings:


Brownlow Votes


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