The future of Zaka

Came on this site to get a few fellow bomber supporter opinions I’ve unfortunately heard some negative news about Zaka’s future. A family member of mine who is in David’s social group said he’s seriously considering a really strong offer from the Suns next year. He hasn’t made up his mind but is seriously considering the move as the offer is money that’s hard to refuse. If we do lose him, is he a restricted free agent? What pick would we get for him? Straight swap for Ablett if he comes home to Vic?

Thoughts please.

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That’s interesting as the information coming out of the media this week is he has been offered a contract and is likely to accept it.

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Think he will stay but if he left as a FA I’d think Band 2 or 3?
So a pick in the 20’s or 30’s which isn’t ideal in a pretty weak draft.

Wouldnt that depend on the contract length and value GC offers?

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Hope he stays.

He was a bit sluggish in the early part of the season but is going great guns at the minute.

I’d hate to lose him. I really like players that ‘barracked for us as a kid’.

ANZAC Day 2009 goal is probably the greatest goal I’ve ever witnessed in my life.

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We’ve never doubted him here on Blitz*

*(at least not in the last week. Before that… my memory is a bit hazy…)


Not going anywhere.

Ignore Chinese whispers.


He won’t get Band 1. Band 2 is the best we could hope for but as others have said I can’t see him leaving

isn’t there a thread on the bloke already?

Zaka’s played himself back into great form but oh boy he is the last type of player the Suns need.


Not in this category I don’t think

Outside of Dusty he’s about the best free agent left isn’t he?


Anyway, its negotiations 1-0-1. Zaka wants a little extra money but club wont come to the party, all of a sudden there is an better offer from someone else, offer increases and he signs.
Good Essendon boy, wont switch, too important to Essendon moving forward, they will not let him leave.

They are looking for some big bodied experienced players from my mail. Especially considering that Ablett is gone and Rischatelli can’t get on the park

I laughed as well Riolio. If true the Sun’s haven’t learnt a single thing about recruiting since they entered the comp.

But for Zakka to leave it would have to be 4m over 5 years or something. He is so Essendon that the offer would have to be way overs.

Credit where it’s due. He has played his best footy over the last 2 months. I just keep expecting the inevitable slide once his contract is signed…

Zakka would probably struggle at the Suns

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Zaka isn’t big bodied. He struggled last year when he got attention from the opposition. He would compliment a midfield that already has grunt, not a midfield looking for grunt.

My information a few weeks ago was his signing is more or less a formality. I’d expect this to be done relatively soon.


My thoughts are that you are a troll.