The Gloating Thread

This thread is for all the bargain hunters out there. The ones that scour the classifieds, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, Ebay and the local trash and treasure. For those that spend hours comparing deals to get the best bang for your buck. For all those who have been made an offer to good to refuse. We all know that when you get a fantastic deal, complete a lopsided negotiation, pulled off a trifecta with three longshots, find something of value on the side of the road, get an unexpected upgrade to hotel/flight/concert tickets, win an auction for far far less than you thought, got to sit next to your all time fave celebrity/person by sheer coincidence etc. that nothing, absolutely nothing, is better than basking in the warm afterglow of your success and letting friends, family and total strangers know how bloody lucky you are.

This thread is dedicated to all us lucky buggers where fate has smiled upon us and we just absolutely positively must let every poor mongrel within ear/eyeshot know of our success.

It doesn’t need to be worth millions like winning lotto (although that absolutely counts), it can be as simple as going to the supermarket and finding chicken breast on sale for $3 a kilo when your normally paying $15 and it hasn’t sold out.

Let us all know how lucky you are so you can bask in the glory of our approbation and envy.

Let me be the first to annoy you all. Anyone involved in woodwork or carpentry will understand why I am so happy with this purchase.

Walked into a second hand dealers shop on saturday and spied a Festool dust collector. A CT 36 E AC to be precise. That is a 36 litre capacity vacuum, with a power take off to let a tool you are using turn on and off the vacuum, as well as a self cleaning function for the filter. These retail new for between $1700 and $1900. When I asked the bloke how much he told me he wasn’t even sure it worked, so we plugged it in and it started straight up. He then proceeded to quote me $10. I couldn’t get the money out of my wallet quick enough. Brought it home, gave it a quick clean and she works loovely.

That is my gloat for the day. Have at it.


I bought a near new sofa bed at a second hand shop the bloke didnt even know it was a sofa bed paid 50 bucks.looked up online they retail for 1200 bargain.


I convinced someone to pay me money to work for them.


This is the sort of thing I love to see. An absolute bargain.

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I just bought a piece of work equipment.
$36K brand new.
Got it for $7.5K - been used for 3 months.

Then the guy throws in another piece to make it $10K all up. That bit is $9K new.

Not a bad little haul $45K for $10K.


You sir are one lucky SOAB

gee massive gains here.
Best that comes to mind was when i bidded on a set of golf clubs from a auction house.

must have been a deceased estate.
$20 bid
inside the golf bag was heaps of tees, about 40 golf balls and $30 in gold coins, probably beer change. plus the clubs. (im a left hander) so thought wouldnt be that popular.


do people take valium before hitting marketplace/gumtree? the sellers on that are scum of the earth, and the buyers are scum of the universe.

Nice. Effectively they paid you $10 to take their golf clubs off their hands. This is what I’m talking about.

Ohhhhh goody, I’ve been waiting for one of these.

Just found this, $7. Yoink;


The body’s still warm you feind!

I found a full set of irons, minus the 8, of callaway X18s up at the tip shop. 16 bucks I think from memory.

One or two need regriping but apart from that they’re fine. They could be anywhere up to 15 years old, and golf club resale value ain’t great, but you know what you’re getting with the brand.

The only problem is I spent 1K on a set of rougues (also callaway) during Covid.

So the gloating sort of stops there.

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generally the stuff i buy on marketplace comes from really nice homes, depends on your price point. When i went to get my treadmill, both i looked at were in mansions, i ussually just get second hand “brand name” bikes for kids.

I did sell fruit plums and greengages one year but yeh for a few dollars of change, not worth the hassle of people not turning up, or stuffing you around. We just give our lemons away these days, leave out front of house for neighbours.

First racehorse I bought a small share in was syndicated for $175k. She won eight races, including two black type, and ended up earning nearly $600k in prizemoney, before being sold for $775k.


have you had any sent to the glue factory?

Not a single one.

thats worth gloating about id think

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Hard rubbish collections are an annual highlight in my 'hood.
My TV (Sony 46"), stereo amp (Denon), dining chairs and more all came from the nature strip.
One year I put a full Bose surround sound system back on the nature strip because I just had too much stuff.


I bought a pair of jousting sticks for half price


What’s he asking?


Tell 'im he’s dreamin".