The Guitar Thread


Sheesh there’s a lot of guitar nerds here which is cool. I’ve owned and sold plenty of guitars over the years.

Fave current one would be a crafted in Japan 97 - 99 fender Tele in a glossy natural finish. Has a Tele sized strat neck pup in it and it’s a wonderfully versatile guitar.


Apparently we’re in a political left echo chamber where everyone does a bit of axe bashing and follows Essendon.


Nah I’m buying it to play it, since a lot of the music I play and listen to was recorded on strats it probably should have been the first guitar I bought… It would round out my “collection” nicely tone-wise, but I’m not a collector, I intend to have all of my guitars in proper playing condition all the time (e.g. goods strings etc) and played weekly at a minimum.

So yeah, while I was excited at first, once a inspected it and played it, I just couldn’t see myself picking it up and playing it ahead of my other guitars.

Will probably head into a store at some point to just familiarise myself with different strats and sounds, and then look at 2nd hand market again.


Thanks, I will check it out. I like the idea of getting a nice guitar so I can play it too, but I need to accept he’s going to take it to lessons ad places and probably not look after it as well as me (lol, he can’t eat a bowl of cereal without spilling it all over the table and he still needs a “cork on the fork”).

It would be nice to get a mini Taylor, maybe 2nd hand is the way to go then I don’t have to worry about knocks and scratches etc.


They also do a cheaper $400 one. The Martin Mini’s (starting at $400 iirc) are pretty good as well apparently. I went with the mahogany because of the colour.

It comes with .13 strings so you may wanna re string it with .09’s for a beginner.


Unless it’s something to do with the shorter scale length I’d say they put the .13’s on so they sound louder when you try them for the first time. People want a small guitar but they don’t want to sacrifice volume.


Do some googling.

Different years had a MIJ (or CiJ) sticker, which all fell off. Did you grab the serial number?? That’ll help you nail down a year, which should then be able to tell you what it should look like and what features it should have.

the cheaper models (Ie ST62, which originally sold for Y62000) had ceramic pickups, which most people replace.
Otherwise good guitars.
But a pretty common guitar. Most of the low end Fenders sold here are still MIJ (not mexican) I think. $700 sounds high, if it’s dinged up. Mint, maybe gets that.

I had a MiJ tele for a bit, it was grouse.


Cool, thanks.

I didn’t record the serial number, but it started with a P and the Fender website dates those as 1993-94.

Pretty sure everything that made me a bit suspicious in hindsight didn’t need to be a red flag, but assuming it was legit, it was definitely dinged up and not to my liking. Tone wise, it may have been ok but couldn’t tell with that amp, will take my own amp to a private sale next time.

Good to know they are pretty common, I’ll keep hunting for “the one”, cheers.


Shorter scale means that less tension is required to hit the key ie - looser strings.


Yeah this as well. They’re not too bad, I’m use to .12’s on a full size.


I doubt me getting it at that price was at someone elses expense. I bought it from Cashy’s, not from some poor farker. I would have been happy to give the 3 hundred straight to said poor farker. I’m sure he could have put it in the trading post. :sunglasses:




Wasn’t having a go at you. If you didn’t buy it someone else would have. Just griping on Cashies usual MO of taking too much advantage of the desperate, as they’ve tried to do with me (thankfully my student days are long over now)


That’s a very, very nice guitar (super strat?) for $300, jeez. And a Fender hard case included?

The Taylor looks good too.


You getting it at 300 means they got it at 150.
Can’t imagine a situation where it wasn’t nicked.


…if like me you just needed a small loan, but for whatever reason didn’t make repayment



An absolute steal my friend.
Well done.



That address again?