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I imagine some nerd had it for show only. The made in japan decal has been scratched off but the serial no’s are still there.
When I saw it I thought it was just the case. When I saw what was inside I copied the numbers and texted a guitar tech mate. He confirmed what it was.
I honest dont think it had ever been played. It needed to be set up, and there’s a small crack in the paint work just behind the tremolo.
It’s got a great action now and is a pleasure to play. Tough as fark with the humbucker through a valve amp also.
It was cashy’s in fountain gate…at least 15…maybe more years ago. I was in between marriages, so free to spend :grin:
The Taylor is a 414 ce limited edition. I love that guitar. Brought it on ebay for $2100, also between marriages, about 6 years ago. With original hard case.
My missus refers to the Taylor as my “mistress”.
I’ve got my eye out for an LP standard or a Baby Taylor next. Hopefully it dosnt involve divorce’s this time.


You win!


I think the time for those kind of bargains are long gone now man. 2nd dealers have wised up on guitars - and sound gear in general. I haven’t seen anything worth it for years.




Fwarrk. That’s a drool worthy collection.


So, after considering the used MIJ options I ended up pulling the trigger on a new american special strat (2018).
I’ve had it about a month and really digging the Texas specials, though it might just be a strat thing as I have singles on my MIM tele and split coil option on the PRS SE. These really ring out, but it could just be better quality pups in general.
Anyway I was gonna post some picks of my tele after changing the pick guard from white to tortoise shell, as I’m definitely digging the different aesthetic.


Just busted a string on my ESP. I think it’s a sign to finally get it set up by a professional and get the annoying fret buzz sorted.

Naturally I’ve googled locally, but anyone from the Geelong area with a recommendation of where I can find a good tech at a fair price?


Looks a bit Collingwood


Just for comparison the tech guy for World of Music near me over in Brighton charges $99 plus strings for a set up.
At that price I said I’d ■■■■ around with the Floyd Rose that was giving me grief until it was really messed up and I’d get my money’s worth.


Just for a set up?? … might have to up my price. Looks like everyone has been getting “Mates Rates” from me for quite a while. :roll_eyes:

Normally would include a fret file for that, … (as long as it was only a few)


Best place in Melbourne for getting a perfect setup imo


Yeah, I know right. I’ve never paid for a set up as it’s always been included free with the purchase or I’ve never needed it.
I’ll have a tinker with the simple stuff but I’m not used to screws/springs in the back, just have to work it out.


It really is worthwhile learning this stuff, imo. Not that difficult to get your guitar exactly as you are comfortable with it.


As Deck said, an electrics not too hard if you’re a bit handy.

A good set of allen keys, and screwdrivers, old toothbrush, some cleaner. an OLD CHEAP one to practice on to begin, and some U Toobz will get you started.


I’ve always swapped out all my strings myself when one breaks. Played around with the intonation and think I’ve done that right in the past. But no matter what I try, I can never remove that annoying fret buzz.


Tried giving your truss rod a bit of a loosen for a touch more relief in the neck?

Take a look here. It’s for an acoustic but the principals are the same, & the adjustment access on this one is typical for most Electrics. And he is clear & explains things well.


Great video BD. Still, that scares the hell out of me, I’m not worried I’d crack the neck or anything, more making the buzz worse and not be able to get it back.

Ah stuff it, I’ll give it a go after I re-string.


Yep, re string, tune, look down the neck and you’ll see how much fore bow you have or in your case likely don’t, then turn the rod in the direction he states, and also as he says, “A little is a Lot”, so an 8th of a turn at a time, and check again. You’ll be right. :+1:

Once the buzz stops, re tune, and re set for the intonation, as you will have shortened the string length.


Yeah I’m determined to figure it out, I’ve watched a few vids on Floyd Rose stuff so I’ll do some revision and then set aside an hour or two and do a restringing.

My new strat (standard strat trem) wasn’t set up so I adjusted the neck and it’s ok but it buzzes a bit AND the action is still a bit high. The bridge is a bit raised too so I wanted to tighten the screws in the back. It was tough going and I was a bit concerned I was gonna slip and scratch the back of the guitar so I only gave them about 3/4 of a turn each.

I guess the other thing is that I’m a bit impatient. When I adjust things I should probably play it and leave it overnight and let it settle before adjusting it again. Temperatures over the past few weeks have been pretty wild too which hasn’t helped.


I figured my Floyd Rose out about a decade ago, … I pizzed it off and replaced it with a standard strat trem. Job done !!

I hate the fkn things with a passion ,… :laughing: