The "I was wrong" Files

Time to out yourselves.

Which players did you write off and ended up with egg on your face.

I’ll Start

Conor. I was very very very wrong. Even up to the Geelong game I was still doubting and panicked when he had the ball.

I was wrong.


Placeholder for Ants on Gleeson.


I was very wrong about Conor.

He can play and is exciting to watch take it on through the middle.

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I’m really just doing this so @barnz can have another fap


Cale hooker


Non Essendon wise I never rated Jack Reiwaldt early. ■■■■■■ that one right up.

We don’t have enough run or line breakers

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I’m ashamed to say it, but Dustin Fletcher pre 2000. Might have been a bit harsh on him considering he played in the full forward golden era at the age of 17!


I didn’t think Connor would produce a game like that this year. I could see the athleticism & speed but he actually read the play well last night & that’s been my main reasoning for doubting him. Not sold fully till he can produce those plays in a pressure match but it was a great sign to see him win contests. Bags is probably the other guy I saw very little in when he 1st played so has surprised me with the footy he’s given us. Also last night I saw more in Stewart than I’d seen in any other game, he was actually competing in the packs & got a few nice touches. He had looked a pretty robotic - lead, mark, kick player before that but showed more agility last night.

I hope I’m not wrong about Gleeson, I think we have to persist with him for the rest of the year. He was well in front of Dea last year & has to have more upside.

I hope I’m wrong about Langford & he does become a genuine mid beast. If not at least I hope I’m right that he can be a good mid sized forward.

I wrote off Hird after his injury in 1999, I thought we’d never see him play as well again.
He proved me wrong. I actually think he was better after 99 than before.

I was wrong about heff and Sammy lonergan, I thought they showed enormous potential and we’re going to develop into stars. Does that count?


Think it’s more the other way. It’s good to believe that someone will be good, it’s not so good to write someone off so early


Think I did suggest Hooker was tradable in his first couple of years

I write very very few off and try to see the positives. There are exceptions. I put a line through Atkinson about two minutes into his career. He’d had me worried for a moment there

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I was wrong on Joey Dan after that Melbourne game. Was really the first time i was angry with a player. Thought there’s no way we can win a final with a inaccurate full forward. Well…Hes accurate now.

Was wrong on MCG too, thought he wasn’t ready.

May as well call this the ‘lid off’ thread. Most of these posts will be reneged after our next loss.


I’m never wrong.


When we drafted Z.Merrett I thought we’d taken Shane Harvey 2.0… I’m an idiot


I was wrong about Barnes coming back. Thought he’d spend the year in the reserves as back up.

V good forward, all aust CHB.