The "I was wrong" Files


We were both wrong.


Thought James Kelly was finished when he retired at Geelong and was a waste of a spot on our list, even as a top up player.

Was pretty confident Elliott Kavanagh would be a gun player.




I was wrong, I thought this team might put up even a little bit of a fight in a final


I was wrong, I didn’t rate the Tigers list and promised the Missus that if the Tiges win the flag this year our firstborn due in Feb can barrack for them :grimacing:



Dude, it doesn’t matter how long the odds are, some things shouldn’t be put to chance.


Pears > Hooker
Dyson > Stants
McKenna to be a failed experiment.
Laycock to be a 10 year ruckman.
Kyle Reimers to be our version of Jason Akermanis.


Thought laycock was going to be a star after his debut.


I was in the same boat in 2004/2005. I still think Dyson was quite decent when he could get onto the park, and if some of the rumoured issues he had with his body etc. are true, makes you wonder what could have been.


I was wrong about JoeDan. I thought he needed time in the AFL to learn a bit more. Just as well I’m not a coach!




I’m fairly sure a number of people called JoeDan ‘footy-dumb’.


l thought Haynes was going to be a #1 small forward and be a 10 year player.