The "I was wrong" Files


I was wrong.
Thought zaka was done.
Thought Coner wouldn’t make it.
Thought Smack would save his career this coming Sat in Sydney


Yes, I do recall some gushing about him in the VFL early days






I knew it, I’m never ■■■■■■■ wrong…or is it always wrong?


You talked up Hunter a bit too didn’t you?
Maybe you’re too much of an optimist saladin?

I loved your reports though. Maybe because it often made me feel we were about to come good when all of these gun youngsters came in :slight_smile:


I really only talked up Hunters tough-as-leather aspect. Which was true.

I did think John Williams was going to make a high flying AFL wingman. Which was untrue.

Im totally a football optimist. Its the only way i got through Hickmotts winless season…


When are you having another season of doing those detailed write-ups?
I reckon next year would be a good one. All our old guys will be gone this off-season so the VFL team could be made up of 12 or 15 players in their 1st to 3rd year, so it will be really interesting to see how they develop.


I thought JoeDan was overrated. Herp derp


Will Hams

Thought he was going to me a watered down version of Sloan


I’ve been wrong about so many. I thought Tom Hislop was going to be the next JJ.

Wrong about McKenna
thought Dempsey was going to be amazing… kept on pumping him up

Was never a fan of Ricky Dyson but he did play some decent footy.

Always thought NLM was a hack with poor decision making skills.

I’m losing faith quickly now with Langford. I think he just lacks that killer instinct. Hope I’m wrong there


At least I was right about him.


The Richmond ads i’m seeing on this website are making me sad. I’m not wrong about it though. Never was.


ads are based on your browsing history.

what has a board member been looking at hmmm?


I have a theory. My theory is that Hunter benefited from a brief window in pop culture history where the hipster beard was little understood and was perceived as being reflective of a hard ■■■■ bushranger nutter type rather than a barista working in a vegan cafe type.

I suspect everything we perceived as being tough - “oh did you hear the sound of that bone crunching hit from Hunter” was colored by this preconceived perception.

We heard what we wanted to hear. We saw what we wanted to see.

The same flesh slapping sounds were there for all the non bearded seconds players running around on those cold winter paddocks. Our minds chose not to hear.

On topic. I thought Moorcroft was a spud and would never get a game.


Nothing to do with Richmond I assure you.


I thought that the last four years, Jobe’s retirement and a burning desire to move forward would have the Bombers fired up from the first bounce on Saturday.


I actually think they were emotionally burnt out.


And that would be understandable, to an extent. Not 10 goals to 0 extent.


They were fired up for the 1st bounce… Just extinguished by a vastly superior side by 5min into the 2nd.