The Impossible Dream - wakey, wakey! - will we finish 9,10, 11 or 12th? How will the finals unfold?... Ladder predictor in OP


Okay, let’s really hype it up now then.

Imagine if we get to possibly making a finals appearance. Having to beat either Tigers or Port. And bringing back a fully fit Daniher!!


The only thing that can bring me satisfaction for the rest of the season is JOE coming off his death bed for a cameo against hawthorn and completely wiping the floor with Sicily and hawthorns season.


From Woosha’s press conference, a return of Joey D this year seems on the cards.

If we’ve got some momentum behind us for his return, all the better.


Joe goose steps Sicily and sinks one from 60m on the run for his 8th goal and starts twirling his fingers while the hawks members empty out en masse like a toilet flushing.


finals dreams


Can we change thread title to “The Fiction”


Oh, the imagined free!


Too soon.


Season was cooked when fark carlton rolled us

Just play the kids


Even if we beat GC and Freo by 100+ points it won’t be enough - our % is ■■■■. Our only hope is that two of North, Hawthorn, Geelong or Melbourne drop some key games (eg, to the Bulldogs or Brisbane).

The next 3 rounds are tough for North (Syd, C’wood, WCE) and Melbourne (Bulldogs, Geelong @Geelong, Adelaide @Adelaide). After that we’ll know if we’re any chance.

In the meantime, go doggies!


Is that the Steinberg?


We are done…Kaupt for 2018.


That’s the spirit!!

Fair point about our % too.

Though just announced that Ballantyne is out for 2-3 weeks with an injury. So we’ll be facing a Freo without Fyfe, Sandilands and Ballantyne.

If we can’t thump them with that, I’ll be disappointed.


Just seen that Bontempelli is out for 3 weeks for the Doggies. Bugger. They won’t be doing us any favours in the near future.


Is Macrae due back this week?



Crows beating Cats is good for us - keeps Geelong within reach.

Now we need Sydney to beat North.

A dream result would be Bulldogs to beat Melbourne or Lions to beat Hawthorn.


Yep exactly. Though the Hawks and Melbourne result doesn’t seem likely this week. I think Swans will beat North at Etihad.

Next week it’s Melbourne vs Geelong so we will get another one back there. Following week, Adelaide vs Melbourne and the week we play Hawks, Geelong will be playing Richmond.

Lots of opportunities. We just need to make the most of them.


All the planets line up and we are just as likely to loose the game.


Dream results as follows…

Nth v Syd…DRAW

In future rounds…
Gee v Melb OR Haw v Gee…DRAW