The Inevitable Rebuild

Whilst it is 15 years too late, it seems clear as day to me we have not built this thing correctly the game quickly moves away from what we are, and we all sit around wondering why we are on a treadmill.

From recruiting, to coaching to match committee decisions to the board’s contract extensions we never seem to learn and thus, never go anywhere.

What will be the straw to break the camels back? When can it be done? When should it be done?

Full club external review. The next build can not be done with the current coaching or (especially) recruiting team in place.


Maybe an ethos of a rebuild is to actually play the kids you draft?

We have one pure inside midfielder on our list, he is racking them up in the 2’s and can’t get a game.


We need to rebuild the club from the top down. Be ruthless


Agree. Burn the joint down and start again


We don’t need a rebuild.

We’ve turned 3/4 of the list over in the last 3 years.


It is not just the way we are playing. They are talking about from the top down.

Its is the CLUB itself.


Starts at the board/CEO and goes down from there.



You need the right attitude at the top.

I have no confidence in our board or ceo or anyone up high to make the ruthless calls that need to be made.

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I just don’t understand how after 14 fkn years of bottoming out there’s been no sustained upwards trajectory, of making finals, winning finals, being amongst it.

I’m not talking about making grand finals and winning premierships, just sustained consecutive seasons of finishing higher than 7th on the ladder and winning a few finals.

How do you not get it right after 14 years? Melbourne were winning finals in 2006 while we were finishing equal bottom!!


I think what you meant is that 3/4 of the list have turned it over regularly for the last 3 year.


I think a review needs to happen.

An external review. Not a flimsy internal review.

We need to identify types of personalities and what is missing in all areas within the club.

Our recruitment of players has been routinely personality based. Xavier Campbell has said that a whole of club HR process is implemented by bringing good people to the club,with good values… this includes the the playing list.

This recruitment policy has not worked. well behaved kids does not = good footballers.


No good drafting kids if we don’t play them.
Think we have had the least debuts in the comp in the last few years.
Season is over, let’s get a dozen or so games from the kids we have and see what happens. Atleast we will find out if they are up to it or not


I think this is the hardest part. It’s really hard to see us coming out of this.

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Seriously just look at what hasn’t changed - Dodoro. The guy is a massive failure. We have had the weakest midfield for 15 years and the only thing that saved it from total embarrassment was a FS pick of Jobe as one of the best mids in the clubs history and some honest triers pre-2018. Talls are useless without the supply forward and having 2 AA defenders counts for naught when we get raped in the middle every week.


Apart from 2016 have we really bottomed out? all i can remember is sitting just outside bottom 4.


Take every person who has been involved in this shitshow over the last 20 years and move them on.


Because in 05-08 we refused to play kids and kept playing blokes like McVeigh, Welsh, Peverill, JJ & MJ whom all in their last years kept us around the 12-13th range and never let us fully bottom out like we should have. Kids were not played or dropped after a week.

In 2009 we got some early wins against Carlton/Collingwood and we scraped home in finals and showed the same patchy up and down form that we’d gotten used to in the previous 5 years. Knights’ sh*t run and carry form is still ingrained in this side.

We’ve continued to refuse to play kids at the expense of the older blokes. We still do this to this day with blokes like Myers.


Notice something missing here from the so called Strategic themes???

Thats our problem the execs have forgotten the basics. piont one should be Premerships


And 2016 wasn’t a proper bottom out. It’s out ability to stay at the brink of completely useless that has kept us mostly useless for so long.

To be fair, we have taken chances on that score most recently on one of this year’s recruits.