The Local Ground

VAFA premiership winners:


Old Brighton

Old Ivanhoe

Hampton Rovers

Therry Penola

Kew (who won all 3 grand finals yesterday - was invited back to the clubrooms to celebrate and left at nearly 9pm!)

Northern Blues (first year in competition, win after finishing 6th in a top 6)

Also saw Noble Park beat Vermont on Saturday for the right to face Balwyn this Saturday at Bayswater (happy Reboot?)

Other results.


Deer Park who won WRFL Division 2 last year, beat Spotswood by a point at Werribee to win Division 1.


South Belgrave had to win the Eastern League Division 4 premiership in extra time over Forest Hill.

So Xavs and Balwwyn had big wins.


Can someone explain to me how Montmorenecy went from a 46 ppint lead to a 5 goal loss to Bundoora? Embarrassing.

Narre Warren broke the record for the most consecutive wins (36 i think) in the MPNFL by defeating Cranbourne by 1 point with the last kick of the day in the GF.


Good effort by Narre who won all three grades. Also great to see Cranbourne get rolled!!

Other results.


Deer Park who won WRFL Division 2 last year, beat Spotswood by a point at Werribee to win Division 1.


South Belgrave had to win the Eastern League Division 4 premiership in extra time over Forest Hill.

Spotswood defeated by a point in the WRFL Div 1 GF two years in a row. Altona last year, Deer Park this year.

Darcy Daniher going to play for abers in 2014.

Digby morell  strathmore premier division premiership coach to be in charge at division 1 west coburg..

Unconfirmed rumour that anthony rock dual premier division greenvale premiership coach to take over at st bernards.

Local leagues starting up again over the next 2 months.

Moved over to Hampton.

Where are people playing?

First big local footy event coming up on the 29th of March.


The Victorian Metropolitan Football Championships will take place at Vi$y Park on that day and sees the 6 metropolitan competitions take each other on.


At 11.15am the WRFL (ranked 5th) play the SFL (6th).


This will be followed by the EDFL (3rd) playing the NFL (4th).


And then at 3.35pm, the blockbuster between the VAFA (1st) and EFL (2nd),


The Ammo squad named on Feb 13 has former AFL players Cameron Howat, Adam Bentick, Jason Blake, Tom Roach and Caydn Beetham, former Bendigo and Essendon VFL player Josh Freezer, Patty Ambrose's brother Murphy and son of Simon Madden Josh.


The EFL squad has: Kris Pendlebury, Luke Williams, Matthew Bate and Justin Van Unen.


EDFL: Mark Blake, Darcy Daniher, Marcus Kenny, Matthew Cravino, Dean Galea, Cameron Wight, David Gourdis, Robbie Castello, the Caruso brothers, Tom German, Patrick Vespremi, Justin Sherman, Adam Iacobucci.


SFL: Jarryd Allen.

Wasn’t aware that Galea, Sherman or Vespremi were playing EDFL this year.

Wasn't aware that Galea, Sherman or Vespremi were playing EDFL this year.

Bit of money flowing about some of the clubs.

Our club has one bloke in training for SFL team

Penned this for my english teacher a few weeks ago and ended up getting it online which felt pretty good, anyway thought it would be relevant in here given the new junior and local footy seasons aren't far away! 


Time to rid our junior sporting fields of the sideline hero  Riley Brettell, 4 Mar 2014



Having played, watched and umpired junior sport at many levels since I was nine in 2005, a constant common denominator of my sporting experience from the very start has been the presence of at least one and sometimes entire crowds of parents and supporters who suffer from ‘behind the white line fever‘.


Similar to the ‘white line‘ variety of the condition affecting many athletes, which unleashes a ferocious competitor on the field, ‘behind the white line fever‘ can change even the most upstanding and loving Ned Flanders-style parent into a Damir Dokic impersonator in the time it takes for the umpire to blow the first whistle.


Letting their own hopes, dreams and egos get in the way, the sideline hero is created.


The sideline ‘hero‘ is a not-so-hidden stain on the junior sporting landscape all over the world.


The father that likes to live his own unfulfilled dreams through his C grade football playing 13-year-old son, or the mother that wants nothing more than her daughter to become the next Nadia Comaneci. Both are all too frequent visitors to the sidelines of kids‘ sport, and anyone who has attended a junior sporting competition would know them.


Whether it is an under nines girls‘ football game, or a TAC cup semi-final, there‘s a fair chance we‘ve seen at least one. You might

even be one of these heroes.


This hero shows their valour and integrity in a unique way, by choosing to overtly demand their child to “Do something!”, or asking questions of the 15-year-old officiating the game along the lines of “How the f**k is that a free!?.”


I myself was on the receiving end of the hero‘s words of wisdom while umpiring an under 16 cricket match at the weekend, and not for the first time.


As a 15-year-old playing football I was berated by him in the form of an opposition supporter for apparently single-handedly costing

my team the game.


At 13 I was labelled ‘weak‘ by him, disguised as an opposition basketball coach. I could go on.


This hero has been around for a long time, and has overstayed his welcome. It‘s time for a new hero to stand in his place. One who will prevent the ‘ugly parent‘ syndrome, and maybe even remind people of why kids play sport.


Funnily enough, it‘s not just for success or to fulfill mum and dad‘s ego. A little thing called fun might have something to do with it.

The new hero to take this vacant position could be anyone. Anyone who would be willing to improve the sporting experience of all young competitors by standing in the way of the ugly parent and encouraging the supportive environment that kids who may one day become the next Chris Judd or Liz Cambage can flourish in.


You could be one of these heroes.


In an era where every public ‘role model‘ – be it sportsmen and women, movie stars or even politicians – have their every move followed and scrutinised by the constantly-ready media scrum, surely it is time for a greater spotlight to be placed on the skid mark on junior sporting competitions everywhere that is the ugly parent.


While this ‘ugly parent syndrome‘ is by no means a new phenomenon, the overall lack of accountability for parents or other

observers who insult, pressure or threaten young competitors and umpires should be a thing of the past.


Be it as appalling as the murder of 12-year-old Luke Batty at his Tyabb Cricket Club training only recently, or simply the common story of a child not wanting to compete any longer due to the pressure placed on them, it‘s society‘s time to stop the ugly parent epidemic from spreading any further, and to find the cure.

Practice match at Whitten Oval today between University Blues and Old Scotch.


Windy as all ■■■■.


Big out for the Blues is former Carlscum player and Sandover medallist Ross Young, who is now captain of Richmond's VFL side.



VAFA won the Metro Championships last week, with the NFL and WRFL winning the curtain-raisers.


First game for me formally is tomorrow at Glen Iris between St. Kevins and Fitzroy.

Made it to Premier last week and saw Scotchies beat De la at the Dairy Bell.


Been a good return to the Ammos for Canterbury after a long absence. 2 wins from 2 starts in D4 have the Cobras flying.

VAFA broke new ground yesterday in having the first ever transgender umpire to umpire a match.


In the goals for the under 19's match between University Blues and Parkdale at Crawford Oval, Michelle Diamond waved the flags for the first time.

Good old fashioned wet weather footy yesterday.


Potential merger coming up between Donvale (EFL) and Whitefriars (VAFA Div 1).


Old Mentonians looks set to play home games as of next week at Highett, moving back from Mentone Grammar's playing fields at Keysborough.

Kyle Reimers 12 goals for Aberfeldie




Dean Galea and Patrick Rose playing for Avondale Heights who are undefeated on top...they kicked 9 between them last week vs Abers. But they kicked 7.2 to nil in the last quarter against Airport West to win by 5 points. Sounds like a wind game.


Vezpremi playing for Pascoe Vale


Northern Saints have 3 players from each team with Anglo names, showing how multicultural local footy is...and 2 of them are George which is ambiguous. Lots of Arabic names.