The Love Boat and other cruises

Ok - so about to head off on my first cruise and after reading some reviews it feels like I’m going to be in a scene from Titanic. Raw sewerage smells, dripping decks, gastro - sounds like paradise. Lucky I’m getting the Premium Drinks Package - will be smooth sailing after a few bevies.

If you’d asked me a few years back (pre-kids) if I’d go on a cruise, I would have run the other way. But now - it’s sounding ■■■■■■ great.

So who here has been on one, what are your tips and is it as bad as most of the online reviews make out. Hoping with my lowered expectations, it turns out to be a great time.

I came expecting to see stubing

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I had a ■■■■ in a tin can once. Lost the oars. Passed out drunk. Managed to paddle to shore by hand when we awoke the next day.
Good times at Nagambie.
Went on a Paddle Steamer up in Echuca. Never been on a cruise though.

Where are you going and what ship?

I just spent 13 days in the golden princess over christmas/new Years travelling New Zealand. If I’ve got any advice itd be to get involved in activities on the ship. Most of them are good fun. Food is generally awesome. If you have day stops dont book tours through the ship, you’ll find it cheaper in the ports. They are good fun, but can get boring if you dont involve yourself.



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How much did the artwork on your leg cost?
Should have traded that in for 13 more nights :wink:

I went on the Fairstar, ‘the Fun Ship’ in ‘81. Started a food fight in the kid’s onboard nursery & the staff had to call my parents in. They weren’t impressed & locked my younger bro & I in our cabin for the evening. Monsters. :grin:

In all seriousness, we had a ball visiting several Pacific islands. Are you taking your family? If yes, the ship should have a daily itinerary with activities (adults & kids). Have fun.

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As it turns out we’re in the Golden to South Pacific.

Haven’t booked any shore excursions.

That post turned out entirely different to what I expected after the 1st line!


SOB looks like you wearing a hat!
Ships ahoy matey!

My grandparents and uncle loved cruises. Would go every year on a different one, and all different ones around the world. They only went on Cunard liners.

Some people love cruises and are hooked for life, others cannot stand it. You only know until you try it.

One recommendation would be to carefully research the company you go with, because getting it wrong can be a nightmare.

Nothing, my major sponsor In speedway is a tattoo studio Haha

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Mate, the hamburger bar is the BEST

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Cruises are amazing if you love eating and drinking. That’s pretty well all I did for the 7 days that I was on one for. Felt pretty average by the time I got home…but I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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Did the South Pacific with Royal Caribbean. Don’t think I would do it again, despite it being a monster of a ship, 13 levels, it was too crowded for my liking. You had to get up early if you wanted a deck chair, as people would just dump their stuff on it for the day, getting on and off the boat would take over an hour and you had to fit the ships itinerary(obviously), which I found frustrating at times. Especially when they take you to a city for its shopping on a Sunday, when nothing’s open.

There was endless food but it wasn’t anything special. I did enjoy having a few drinks in the bar, watching the sunset each night. The bars were one place that were generally quiet.

Sorry to be so negitive but wasn’t my thing, others on the same cruise may have loved it, so comes down to what you enjoy.

Did you get your $$ worth on the drinks package or did you just pay as you go?

What were the drinks prices like?

Been on a couple of P&O cruises with the family, doing another 2 this year. We all really enjoy them. They are really good with my daughters diet issues which most resturants won’t touch.

Did one of those Rockin the Boat cruises a couple of years ago. Could not get a drinks package on mine because the people on a Barnsey cruise a few weeks beforehand apparently nearly bankrupted the shipping company through their enthusiasm for a beverage! I had a ball otherwise though.