The Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast - Full draft review podcast up now with Ed Pascoe

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Just noting our normal weekly podcast will be free as always

Team changes podcast up in next hour on the members site. Low as $2 to join and listen to it

Good lucks guys, hope Blitz gets behind you.

Cheers… our first team changes podcast up for members now.

I’ve joined as a VFL level member, thanks for keeping it up fellas and giving us Bomber tragics something to listen to. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m listening to the selection podcast now.

Grant might like this:

It has been mentioned by a couple on Blitz that the way to play Francis and not drop anyone in the backline and straighten up our forward line could be to play Hooker at full forward and Hurley, Ambrose and Francis as the three key backs.

Before this could happen though, it would be fair to dangle this as a carrot for Francis to find top form in the VFL as a tall back.

I would be aiming to have them both as swingmen though, so they could be swapped if necessary.

I know our backline is in great form and fiddling with it is controversial, but Francis needs to be blooded and starting his AFL apprenticeship is best done before Hooker and Hurley hang up their boots.

Ultimately with Joe not on the park we need another tall forward and Stewart isn’t on the park yet, let alone in form. I like Brown, but I like a stronger KPF more.

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Must say thats a very sensible way of looking at things. Always enjoy how you think and communicate mate

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Enjoyed your first changes show

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Thanks chef. We want to do a few smaller quick shows. Maybe even an immediate type reaction after a game scenerio too


Love the idea of a post match round up when all the emotions a raw

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Its only really the resting ruckmen monsters that would challenge us for height.

But a forwardline of Hooker, McKernan and Stringer could work.
and the backline is very settled now so adding Francis won’t create too much disharmony.

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Once I’m home from the game I’ll sign up. Listen to you blokes week in week out and love your work
In particular , I’ve appreciated the insight around Aaron Francis . Keep up the superb work :slightly_smiling_face:

Doing a quick 10 min discussion on our Podcast Patreon Community site. Cheap as $2 per month to hear all our extra Essendon chat content. Helps us raise urgent money to buy a new computer for the show which is desperately needed. Site is below

Thanks for this. Humbling and very much appreciated

Another ex 93 premiership player agreeing to be on the podcast very soon​:grinning::black_circle::red_circle: details to come soon.

Thanks again for patreon menbers who joined up today. Webcam setup this weekend to look at exclusive video podcasts as well👍

Here it is!!! Essendon NGA draft prospect Josh Eyre joins the show to discuss his career to date. We also have Paul Cousins join us to go over what the VFL program will look like next year. Huge show.


Might be a good idea to post it in the VFL thread also CJ… I would link it but I’m useless at that :upside_down_face:

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Just updated

Hearing Paul talk about Francis is very exciting. I think a lot have written him off. But I’m with Paul, I have high hopes 2021 will be year of the Frang.


Yeh took me by surprise as well. Franga has a clear spot every week if he can perform