The mental health thread


Well I’m off to the doctor. Day 7 of no tablet and my joints and muscles have stiffened to the point of not being able to walk. I can’t pick anything up either. The timing makes me suspicion this is linked to my pristiq withdrawal. Sigh.

Good news is that the brain zaps and dizziness have mostly subsided.


Don’t they just suck.


can you forgive my ignorance but would someone like arron francis after footy or anyday be fully recovered or would you have to take medication for ever. i’m using him as a example as i don’t have depression but i’m in pain 24/7 and with that need to take pain killers all the time.
i feel for people having to battle it and my thoughts go out to all with your battles


I think it’s an individual thing. Some people end up with situational depression as a once off. Some lapse in and out of it. Some are just luck out and inherit faulty wiring and deal with it their whole lives. It’s not a very tangeble thing.

Sometimes people get on meds, get fixed up. Come off them and are good. Others need longer treatment. Plenty probably on them for life. I have been on SSRIs for over 20 years and simply cannot stop them.

No indication as to where Aaron fits in to the spectrum but you would have to think the situational stuff with his brother plays a significant part in it.


thanks for clarifying the issue. i take my hat off to thepeople battling the illness


Just an update on me, I didn’t take the prescribed medicine Lexapro or even buy it, kept the prescription in front of me incase things really got to the point of no return.
I had my days off from work and took some advice from people here, cleaned my house, did little things I could accomplish by myself and increased my exercise, went and saw some good friends.
I went back to work yesterday really had anxiety of what rumours or what had been said and nearly turned around again to give up but found so many people supportive it was really uplifting. So glad I pushed through.
I went back to the doctor today for the results of my blood tests and every thing is perfect, iron levels, cholesterol , liver (unbelievable) kidney, no signs of diabetes etc all checked out perfect.
Really want to thank everyone in here for the stories they shared and advice, I am so glad I didn’t go for the medication and I told my doctor I feel a lot happier and will not go for psychology/counselling therapy as recommended.

Again this thread, blitzers, The Bombers you guys and girls as maybe insignificant as it may seem have been are very significant to me. I hope this positive mentality stays with me as I feel in control now.

Love you all and remember everyone some times you have to fight it out, my demons are nearly erased just like Melbourne :wink:

Still having the most vivid crazy dreams but just embracing them now, a lot better than most of the tripe movies I watch these days.

Go Bombers!!!


Good work mate, genuinely happy to hear you’re on the mend.

Stay off the cheese before bed though by the looks of it.


A friend committed suicide overnight. I’m in complete shock - he was suffering for the last few weeks but I wasn’t aware that he was experiencing any issues.

Less than two months ago he received an amazing job offer. It looked like he was in good spirits.

He leaves behind a large family of young children :cry: I get that he must have been dealing with a lot, but I also don’t get it at the same time.


Ah that is seriously crap G. I feel for you and his family.

I will be honest, once I never got suicide, these days I fully get it. Having a good job, great wife, wonderful kids doesn’t equal “life is great”. The pain inside, whatever it was, was far greater to him that the things he had. The pain obviously got to the point that there was no hope, no way through, no way forward and no light at the end. When it gets that bad (and oh boy is it very very dark there, it actually has weight to it and feels like something pressing you down harder and harder) suicide can seem the only possible way forward.

I have been there, the option was very enticing, it seemed the only way forward. I haven’t taken it though, not even tried.


You never can really understand what’s inside someone’s head. Just be there for everyone who’s left dealing with it.


I would recommend that you still take the chance to see someone about this. While you may feel good, that can often be because you saw the depression and faced it so the sense of feeling better can be strong. The underlying issue that caused you to end up there in the first place may not be even close to identified or resolved. If you wait until you feel bad again it can have a worse affect on you.

I get how you feel and that you might think you don’t need it but there is no harm in using the services available for you, even for a couple of sessions.


Yes you are most probably correct, I will take your advice. I do think I have a good handle on what has caused it and have already taking my own successful steps to rectify this. ( With good results so far).
I feel like I have more energy, being more positive and just generally happier. (I realise its only been a week so not thinking I am cured)
but yes a relapse would be terrible so I will seek some professional advice as well.
Thank you!


These days I see counselling/psych sessions as kind of preventative maintenance. I try to go once every six months at least, even if I’m feeling great and have had no episodes recently.

Aside from picking up little bits of advice or different perspectives, it just feels good to unburden yourself every now and then.


that’s just fkd g unit.
its when it effects families is the hardest part for me.
How you get your head around it as a kid ill never know.
Take care mate.


Son of my friends father hung himself when the friend was a little kid. What’s worse is he found the body. I don’t think he has ever really dealt with it. He seems cool but I always wonder.


I think some people just develop a mask they need just to get through the day to day.

whats going on inside youd never know


Sorry to hear that @G-Unit. It’s a terrible thing to happen, and to go through as a friend.

Condolences mate.


I agree so many fake their existence and that is obvious, to try and live up to their existence from images, social media, what people expect from them instead of really looking inside and what you behold and your own value in the community.

Media portrays success as the perfect body, the perfect house, the perfect dining experience, the perfect job, the perfect car etc where really it’s all a lot of hogwash.

What really counts is being true to yourself, the problem is marketing and media has created a paradigm that only a small percentage of humanity will achieve. It is really sad.

The identity of being a human being is what is plastered all around us, the millennials wow they are in for a rough ride.

I am back to basics and that is what counts, keep it real, but real is becoming unreal.


What a great thread. Thanks to all of the amazing contributors. I’m not going into any detail here at this point, and my issues seem trivial by comparison to some here, but I am struggling with what I think is situational depression. Suffice to say that before I was a father I couldn’t understand why couples stay together for the sake of the kid/s. Now I understand completely.


My condolences @G-Unit. Thoughts and prayers with you. :heart: :heart:

Take care