The mental health thread


Something which may help you is taking Magnesium and/or Q10 which is very good for muscles, tendons and ligaments. If you are already on it up your dose a bit, but not too much or your bowels will move and move fast more often.


G unit, its very sad to hear your friend took his life. Suicide is very different to any other death because there are often no answers to the remaining questions. Many of us don’t seeing it coming and then feel excruciating guilt, for not knowing, for not noticing, and then we tell ourselves we should have seen something or done something to help and support.

My sister was 21 when she took her life. She had the world at her feet. Popular, she had a well paid and interesting job, in a new relationship and she was someone everyone thought was really going places and had the world at her feet. None of us saw it coming. My Dad also had attempted suicide when he came back from the war and fortunately, failed but he never the same again and my brother also decided to take his life and ended up with brain damage from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Get a professional Grief and Loss Counsellor to help you and talk about your feelings and how you feel about what has happened. The grief process is a see-saw. Do your best to understand that you may never know why, why your friend couldn’t reach out to anyone or why he did what he did.

Wish him peace because his suffering has ended but for those left behind it can be a living hell as any closure must come from you not wanting answers. You must find your own answers.


Thoughts with you, Gabe.


I second this.


Nothing is too big or small mate, letting it out even on a forum can be helpful, sometimes it’s the only place you can let it out. When you’re ready we’ll be here to listen.


I went to a call last night where a person had tried to take their life. Sad scene. They were alone. Not even the neighbours looking over the fence to see what was happening. It seemed like no one cared
Every year before Christmas we see a rise in this type of situation.
Please take 5 minutes out of you day to say hello and ask others how they are, or pay a compliment, anything. Let people know that they aren’t alone or don’t have to feel alone.


Thanks mate.

Day 16 of no meds. I had terrible joint pain last week which, thankfully, has subsided. I’m not dizzy or light headed anymore. No mental health issues, my anxiety is in check. I’m still very tired, but that might be due to the time of year, busy at work and taking on an extra unit of study in my masters program (sometimes i don’t help myself ).

Moral of the story-- withdrawal requires support and kindness. You all have provided both. Thank you.

I look forward to meeting you all/catching up in various stages of drunkenness as we celebrate a Bombers premiership next year. We ■■■■■■■ deserve it.


Yes I’ll keep you to that promise. I am a non-alcoholic AA person. I WILL still celebrate with you big time sometime soon with something. I look forward to that. What a day it will be for all of us.


Day 19? How’s it going @Heffsgirl?


Really good thanks. No more side effects. Just in time for Christmas.

Thanks for asking.


That’s great to hear HG!


So over a month of not smoking pot and wow everything seems to be coming together so well. (Its been hard to get here)
Conducted a 2 hour meeting at work today to adjudicate the state rosters for the next month with all mangers and without having tickets on myself obsoletely kicked ■■■■. Was pulling Enterprise agreement quotes left right and centre and had to correct quite a few of my superiors( In a diplomatic way). Had quite a few red faced :joy:

My Supervisor even stayed backed and commented on how I seemed a walking encyclopaedia of all the procedures and just said them on the fly even correcting the GM I actually astounding myself, I did work hard to prepare and now realise that pot was my downfall.

I still don’t sleep well but it is getting better (last night was great no crazy dreams) and will have few beers of a night and smoke cigarettes.

Have been in a really happy place the last two weeks and talking to people more candidly, I actually think I am freaking people out at work as I am this new person, but I do remember how some used to walk over me, karma is a ■■■■■ baby!

Stick in there everyone suffering from depressing and find the reason no matter how long it takes because when you come out the other end it is really enlightening.

BTW If I ever become filthy rich and can live beside the ocean and not worry about things I will smoke pot but right now I need to use my brain and not dull it.



I think finding your individual way is so important.

Looks like you’ve nailed it.


Thank you! Anxiety was a bit much a first but getting a hold of that, spending time in the garden doing little things around the house to chill, eating well ( was always conscious of that though) talking on here with fellow brothers and sisters.

Getting the balance right, sort of overwhelming in a good way, so many good feelings coming at once.
Very blissful its uncanny, I like to post my updates as it helps to express how I am feeling, hope I don’t seem self indulgent and maybe someone else might find find some benefit from it as well.


Not self indulgent at all. You’ve found a way through a complex maze that defies many.

I don’t know you at all but I feel very proud.


Aww thanks again, this sort of feedback and support just makes it all the worth while. I really hope it lasts and I know I am not going back to what I think caused it.

Bit weird but Essendon related my Mother (RIP 98 she died, just when we coming good) always used to say your only downfall is smoking pot.
Move on to later when I wouldn’t smoke pot we would win and when I did we be all laconic and become Essington and lose games we should win.
Then the drug thing…I know weird…Ok I should shut up


Lol life has a way of being weird. It’s kinda like it’s throwing you a different perspective to see how you deal with it.


I’m pretty much over my anxiety now.

However it’s always there lurking in the background but I’ve learned to watch for triggers. One major trigger still for me is social media. Particulary Twitter . To me it’s become a place where people identify as labels , and feel the need to scream at others about their labels. Whereas once you may be having a disagreement with maybe one or two people in your immedaite social or family cirlces from time to time, Twitter brings in a thousands arugments to your door everyday if you choose to bite. Found myself thinking about stupid twittier interactions througout my day when I wasn’t even on Twitter which caused anxeity and ruminating throughts to creep back in.

So i’ve revised the way I approach social media, and even Blitz, trying to follow the ’ Three Sieves’ rules:

  1. Is it neccesary to respond or comment?
  2. Is it true?
  3. Is it nice?

Also deleted Twitter and Faecbook from my phone. If i find myself searching for them as a default behaviour I try and go find the kids or my wife to do something with them and be more in the moment with them, doing things that matter.


I’ve bumped my fitness up, mainly due to the weather. 2 10 k runs a week and a strength session. Dog still beats me home in the runs but.

My eye did something weird and I lost control of it the other week. Then one side of my body. Got the car to work, dumped some stuff without looking ■■■■■■ then rang someone to pick me up.

Had bloods done, cat scan and nothing came up. then fell off a fence at my kids cricket and cracked the back of my skull on bitumen.

Had an MRI and it was fine. A mate who’s an ambo said it sounded like a TIA but nothing came back in the rest. He then said stress. Spoke about strokes, heart attavks, seizures the lot.

So I’m running. A guy I work with saw me the other day and said it reminded him of cliff young, just slower.


Is it important and does it really matter in the greater scheme of things?