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It’s interesting the way different people react to pot, and giving it away. I was a daily smoker until not so long ago and really only stopped due to pressure from Ms CB who was (needlessly) afraid of getting busted (reckons she’d lose her job). Only bush weed in smallish doses, but regular. Giving it up, I expected the increase in motivation, recall, clarity that others mention but I didn’t get any of it as far as I can tell. Pretty much all I got was a greater tendency to get grumpy, increased alcohol intake, and the crazy dreams for a couple of weeks. I don’t think I’m any happier or more productive.


My mates an ambo and dragged people with limbs torn off from car accidents, rotting corpses of old people that have died alone (with 6 months of letters in his box), a bloke hanging from a bridge, suicides of plain lonely people, meth addicts etc etc

Just becomes part of the job.

Mind you he did serve in Iraq and Timor. Puts his PTSD to one side when working he says. Has seen a lot…


Thanks Guys.
My daughter is 2…so needs a fair bit of attention still so finding time is always hard.
But yeah I need something. Thanks for your responses


Getting your creative juices flowing it is very beneficial for your body, mind and spirit. Gives one a sense of purpose and achievement. Really good thing to do for yourself. Good on you.


There’s the answer to your question. The stronger hydro strains are longer lasting in your system I reckon, & you are inclined to wake up the next day still a bit groggy.

I only smoke on Friday nights with a few beers & vape it instead now. Still does the job without having to cough up a lungful the next day like I used too when I smoked joints. Only downside is vaping isn’t as satisfying as smoking a doobie (I gave up ciggies 10 years ago).


Yeah, didn’t really have a question. I’ve long preferred bush over hydro for reasons you note, among others.

I’ve also been vaping a few years and have quit cigs but I haven’t tried pot like that. I’m a bit interested in how you do it. I assume it’s a dry vape, which I haven’t done either?


Yes it’s Dry & portable. There are cheaper ones available, but in this case you get what you pay for. Often on special for $400 (around Easter?)


Any chance a mental health thread could like you know drop the illicit drug use tips?

Not going to go too deeply into its relevance to mental health. But illicit drugs, especially those which are psychoactive are serious triggers for those people who manage mental health conditions or may have an undiagnosed one.

Start another thread.

It is also an illegal activity in Australia.


You do realise that weed is sort of approved for medical use here in progressive Victoria.

And it helps my Son with his PTSD, without the need for other medication, which have been a drama and a saga in getting levels correct. And Vanders it keeps him off smack, as well. So a joint a day, can help keep those demons at bay.


Government funded and supported federally and by every state except for Victoria.


Not the thread for arguing or judgement.


Yep and I can troll the web as well and find some farking lunatic post to support any argument.

Just telling you the real life experience of my Son, and he has tried every type of treatment for his mental health issues. If a joint a day, gets him sleep and keeps him off the real nasties then I am very happy.


I agree it’s probably not the thread to discuss Vape tips, but considering marijuana keeps coming up as a topic (In regards to people getting off it, more than anything) you’re gonna have to accept that it’s relevant to the thread topic.


That’s not a lunatic article. Read it.

It’s not in regards to PTSD.


With respect Vanders, as I think you mean well, but it is actually a generic nonsense article that generalises a complex matter, which is typical of Government Health warnings.

Weed is approved for use in many jurisdictions worldwide and not only for therapeutic use. Misuse of anything can leads to problems.

Mental Health is something that directly or indirectly affects us all, and as you can see from the posts in this thread that many of our Blitzers have struggles. So perhaps don’t be as judgemental and open your mind. I don’t smoke dope but support anyone who gets relief from using it.


cannabis certainly isn’t illegal for health reasons.

but yeah there is a cannabis thread somewhere.


IT. Mainly software support for finance industry. Very niche .

Nature of my job is that I’m basically always on stand-by regardless of day/time, and for last couple of years I had no back-up. Always needing be near a phone means I could never relax or ‘disconnect’. It’s different type of stress to say that of a emergency worker.

Since I hit the wall last year I made effort to change that. Now have a couple of staff who are nearly at stage of expertise that I can turn phone off for at least a day occasionally (like a family get away) and the world won’t fall apart.


So I’ve been a binge drinker most my life. Generally no drinking during the week then I’ll smash it maybe on a Friday night or Saturday night. I am up to day 42 no drinking and was so ■■■■■■ down for the first 4 weeks or so. It’s only been the last week things are getting better. I’m feeling much better mentally and am not drinking over Christmas and new years. I am finding it really puts people out when you opt out of a drink. Work colleagues are hassling me to drink at the Christmas party but I will not be.

What other experiences have others had by not drinking?


i found giving up drinking alcohol easy and i never thought it would be. just makes you stronger when you refuse to drink. my reason for giving up the grog was the celtic curse of iron overload. 17 years and never had an urge to even have a sip. it gets easier the longer you go


I sometimes go months without any alcohol. This year l think l have had about 2 beers, can’t recall exactly, the second was 2 days ago. l don’t miss beer, and l don’t miss the taste. Mostly l don’t miss the bloated feeling l used to get drinking the stuff. l did most of my beer drinking from ages 16 - 18. When l turned 18 l gave up all alcohol for 2 and half years, even for Christmas and NY. My wife is moslem, but sometimes will drink alcohol. She isn’t rigid about it, and she doesn’t mind if l drink, but l don’t need a drink to enjoy myself. We are making plans to move to Perth early in the new year and will be sharing a house with a best friend. The friend has also given up alcohol, because bad things happened to her when she drank. So we will support her in that, but l will probably have a glass of red when l inevitably get around to going to the footy.