The mental health thread


Without trying to be rude, can you give your age and the point at which you gave up, please? Ok if not.


just after my 50th 17 years ago about this time of year and i thought i would never last on the wagon seeing i lived up in the n.t then and most people drink. funny thing is you soon find out your friends because most think it is contagious and you have less visitors.i love going to a good pub for a meal and the rest of my friends and family drink but it doesn’t faze me at all


That is hilarious and sad at the same time.


I do get plenty of people can use marijuana without any issues and enjoy its pleasant side effects.

But it is also a very dangerous substance for some people in regards to their mental health.

Ask your local shrink or GP.


Without trying to sustain the bunfight, you are coming across as very patronising when bacchus and others have been pretty clear they don’t want your input. This thread so far has been an open forum for people to share very bad experiences and bad times and hopefully feel supported rather than judged.
Maybe leave it?


That’s a rather polite way to say f off.

Im not lecturing anyone on using marijuana. But it should be pointed out that people who suffer from really serious mental health conditions are advised not to go near marijuana and that heavy users are at a higher risk of suffering poor mental health outcomes.

I think that’s a reasonable thing to bring up in a thread on mental health.

I don’t give a flying if it sounds patronising. Why not start a smoking pot thread?


There are many uses for it and a very broad spectrum of experiences with it, many relevant to the topic of mental health. I don’t think anyone here is trying to promote it. It’s just a discussion, with which I am done in the current context.

Not directing that you specifically HAP


That does sound stressful. (being on call all the time).

A mate of mines mental health has hit major skids, simply from having to take shift work. Knocking off at 2am every night.

He was in TV production, had to quit his otherwise dream job and is really gutted. Broke up with his missus and is now on meds.


And it actually helps some people - as bacchus has detailed.

So your point is made.


I gave up drinking for 18 months when I became a dad.
It wasn’t a conscious decision. After about 6 months I realised I actually haven’t had more than ‘a beer’ in that time.

The issue I had during this time, was I went out with my mates to the pub… instead of having 2-3. I’d end up having 8-9 beers. “Make the most of it” I thought.

It’s the next few days which is the kicker. I found good Parenting was impossible after a large night. I think about all those times my head has been cloudy because of been hung over most of my adult life, and it was normal.

But I just feel like the hang over isn’t worth it anymore. I’m better at work, and more present at home.


it is but you have to laugh about it


That’s what I’m trying to do. Some weeks I succeed, others not so much.


Yes. I’ve been taking sertraline for a few months and I only get refills for 30 days at a time… if I miss two or three days I get really tired.

The last time I used up all my refills it took me a couple of weeks to get a new prescription, and I was sleeping so late some days that I thought I had mono (I think you call it glandular fever).


The deeper I go with no alcohol the more i dread the hangover. It’s a good thing.


Sorry if I’ve cut in on the wave here and have no idea who said what about who.

I’ll openly say my early health problems started after a bit of pot use, then a fair bit when covering it up. Until medication played a role.

I don’t think vanders comments are naive or patronising in any sense, depending what commentary lead up to it.

Some build a lifestyle around pot without any detrimental effects while some it can fk right. I’ve got my own opinions but they’re from my own experiences.

Any ones opinion that comes from who hasn’t lived it is a pretty dumb opinion.


What do you play?


Most psychologists would beg to differ


I play guitar…if that’s what you are asking

Jammed for first time on Friday with Anxiety Grips. Good fun


Goody for them.


I don’t reckon they would, actually.
They make a pretty big point of not judging people