The mental health thread


I have found talking about it here more helpful than any Dr.


This was my gut feeling when I read your original post. It’s even easier now to feel a lack of connection when social media shows everyone socialising. In practice I have a very quiet social life aside from family. Admittedly I have no trouble sleeping, but there is a lot to enjoy in life with only basic “friend” contact.


It’s not necessarily advice.

I’ve found the most useful aspect of psych - disclaimer, for me, with my problem/s - is them asking questions, to help me see a different perspective.

Which you can’t possibly do for yourself.

I think it’s healthy to have a network of sorts. Whether it’s work people, family, or a sport or hobby. I know I’m more prone to losing perspective (and falling into anxiety) when I’m not regularly keeping in touch with people.


What I found it was too easy at various times for me to isolate myself when I was anxious and/or depressed. Humans being are part of the animal kingdom and are creatures who need their pack/tribe. Its true we do need the mirror of others to feedback to ourselves. We cannot do it all and sometimes we cannot do much at all. In the early days I found it hard to reach out and ask for help.

As a result no one knew or had any clue what was going for me until it was almost too late.


Might be of interest to some:

A Mental Health Panel being held at Gisborne Secondary College, Thursday Feb 7 from 7pm

Featuring Tippa, Smack, ex-Hawk Clinton Young and ex-Boomer Jason Smith

Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 concession, $20 for families


Back at the Dr today after a tough week


no good mate.
ive got to chuck my mentally ill brother out of my parents place this weekend cause he wont budge.
that sounds normal until I tell you im 43, hes 41 my pares are into their 70s. he wont get a job, wont help out round the house, is threatening manipulative and rude and is up in court for damage to property, fraud and theft. physical intervention is likely required. hes been there for 2 years and mum keeps backing out through guilt; he got abused as a kid.
so im feeling good and may well be on the couch myself next week.


Doesn’t sound like a very good situation to be put in. Sorry to hear


I look back at my posts sometimes and think why did I write that, too much info.

Yes lousy weekend


I hear ya, but there’ll be no judgement in here, I’ll wager.


Are you going any better, dk?


Hey Hennaz, first of all appreciate the comment. Love how fellow blitzers get around each other. I’m doing very well mate, the tiredness has subsided now a morning coffee keeps my energy/alertness back to normal. My anxiety is getting better by the day. I can tell when there are moments that i’m suppose to be anxious but instead of convincing myself my life is over I just get mild butterflies in my stomach. However I don’t want to rely on them to keep my emotions at bay so I’m going to have a few sessions with psychocolgist to help me when I slowly lean off the medication in the distant future. Overrall in a great place ! Just need the bombers to win a final.


I have found anti depressants are very useful at knocking the edge off the worst. But yes they don’t fix things.

Good to hear you’re on the way back.


Spot on. Alternatively if you’re riding high in a good trot they seem to increase things 10 fold.

I came out of a ■■■■ relationship once and after getting on ciprimil I found I was finally free and this euphoric indestructible feeling crept over me for 6 months. In that time everything just went bang, played best season of footy ever, got an awesome job, made heaps of new friends and seemed to become more confident around girls. And to top it off it was all in 2000 which we all know concluded beautifully.

I soon had to go back to the doc and say even though all these things were happening it wasn’t really me in some ways. I got told by some people some of the stuff I was doing without realising and had to be me again.



That sounds like mania and is definitely not what you want. Peos had a really good post on this earlier in the thread. If anyone is feeling artificially good from antidepressants speak to your dr.


That’s it.
I wasn’t god but somewhere near it.


Doctor prescribed me anti depressants last week. Went down to local Chemist to fill the script, Pharmacist who knows me well says to me, you must NOT take this medication with what you are already on, its too dangerous.

It pays to check everything with your Pharmacist. Doctors know very little about pharmacology.


Was it the same Dr prescribing everything?
Pretty sure they’ve got a website set up to check contraindications, interactions etc (otherwise it’s acessible easily enough on a government site, the name of which escapes me atm)


Yes it was the same Doctor. Have since discovered several other people have had a few problems with this same Doctor, who seems to have been a bit off the air lately. I may have to find someone else.

I will check on the net and also keep talking to the pharmacist.


I’ve (semi) recently gone away from seeing a couple of older GPs in favour of a young(er) guy.
Found the older guys strayed out of their lane a little bit and one of them had some . . . Questionable suggestions for treatments (like hypnotism).
The young bloke is pretty quick to refer out to specialists etc when needed (based off friends/family that also see him) and is very two way in his conversations if you want it to be rather than dictating everything.