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Health Direct provides on line drug information, can also provide telephone advice


I think the Royal Children’s Hospital website has a massive database as well


When you’ve been seeing a doc about this stuff for a long time, it’s a bit tricky leaving. You want someone who’s really across your history. But at the same time, someone who gives you messed-up med combinations is trouble with a capital T and a capital ROUBLE.

One possibility - consider asking for a second opinion on the drug combo from another doc, then going back to your first doc and saying hey, what about this?’ If your main doc has just made a single error of judgement, then hey, mistakes happen, and being called on it might shock him into sharpening up. But also - you need to trust your doc to be doing the right thing, and if you’ve lost that trust, then it’s certainly time to move on. If you DO move on, make sure you get all of your records from your old doc transferred over. Case histories are so important for brain med stuff…


I’ve had pharmacists give rubbish advice before.


I need to share this.

Today my wife and I have realised that I’m a narcissist. My eyes are open and I understand that I have treated my wife of 20 years badly with little love and respect. It’s been all about me and I blamed her if she didnt give me attention. I have seen many therapists over the years but I hid behind my anxiety and “depression”. I have hurt the most important friend in my life and I feel sick to the stomach. I have lost Sara, and now I refuse to continue my life as a narcissist. I don’t know what to do, but I will focus my life and do everything in my power to change, care about people and be a good person to all I have left in my life. I don’t want sympathy. I am announcing it to give it form so I can fight it.


Been really depressed lately. I’m 25 and been unemployed for nearly 6 months.
I worked a bit in accounting (tax) but hated it and regret studying it. Have no idea what to do with my life (quarter life crisis) . I have suicidal thoughts. I’m hoping the AFL being back will cheer me up!


Hey poppet, what is it about tax/accounting that you dislike?


I studied accounting at universtiy because i thought about the money and the security not because i liked it. I just found it so boring and mind numbing sitting there all day punching in numbers. Now i don’t know what to do. I’ve been applying for junior financial positions (as this is some what different to working in a tax firm) but finding it hard to get a job and not sure if i’d even like it.


isn’t basically the only way to get into finance positions at big firms via recruitment agencies now:?


Do you have a CV… our company has some vacancies… it may be perfect for you.


Have you thought about studying some other field/doing a course (perhaps hospitality), nothing that requires to many years.

Even if nothing comes of it in the beginning, you at least get to meet new people from different walks of life, it may give you a different outlook/perspective.


Yes, can i pm you?


Yea i have actually, but not really sure what else to study. I know people will say “follow your passions or interests” but i don’t have anything unique. I like playing soccer and following sport. I play video games, spend time on the internet. I go to the gym and workout but not so much because i like it more out of habit… I’m a pretty normal guy … hmm.




Perhaps you could check out what TAFE courses are available, who knows you may find one that peeks your interest/s, and they are not usually to many years of study.


What kind of therapy can do you? Or is it more being more conscious of your behavior and potential impact?


FWIW, don’t stress the work stuff too much. At the risk of sounding massively patronising, 25 is still young and there’s a lot of time. I started real work at 24, and probably didn’t settle in to a job role I was comfortable with until I was in my early 30s. I’m still in the same field, but lots of my mates have had the same sort of trajectory. One started as a lawyer, hated it, moved on to journalism, then editing, and it now looking at PR. Another studied English lit, got a job doing technical writing for n IT firm, and now does database design. Another did engineering at uni, studied patent law while in his first job, then decided that sucked, so went back to engineering and now is a manager.

Work roles natrually evolve over time. You’ll naturally gravitate towards ares of your job you like, and your boss will naturally put you n areas you’re good at. And every job has interactions with other fields, which gives opportunities for crossing over. And once you’ve been in a job for a while and have a resume, you’ll find opportunities for training outside your degree will open up, and employers will be more interested in someone with a solid work record anyway.

Trust me, the 25yo ‘wtf I hate this’ feeling is completely normal :slight_smile:


Good on you for being brave enough to acknowledge it. Maybe if feel inclined, you could find your a good Psychologist who practices Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. It will really help and support you and
give you insights into your behaviour.


Sadly, I have changed my Doctor, who apparently needed to see a Doctor herself and is.

New Doctor read my file ( its a pretty thick one) came back with info, do not take these meds with what you are already on and your history, could have pushed me into La La land or I may have had a fit. Fortunately, I felt like something wasn’t right - the thing is to trust that feeling when it comes and I’m glad I did. Thank you everyone for standing by me.


Humble_Minion gave you some really solid advice. I’m in my mid 30s and have gone through what you’re talking about career wise. I was 32 though so don’t think you need to have your ■■■■ sorted yet. And also don’t buy into the bullshit that money and a successful career equals happiness. I’m making a lot less money than i was 5 years ago and i’m a far happier person. You’ve got a lot of time to figure out what your passions are too. They’ll come to you.