The mental health thread


Don’t really know what to say, … except really sorry to hear that, & try not to think in what if’s? There is no way you could have known.

It’s a shocking thing to have happen to someone close.


That’s very sad @Humble_NSW_Fan.

Take care of yourself and hope your amazing lady gets all the support she will need.


Yes that lady would be absolutely devastated, and the children :disappointed_relieved:


Ver sad. Couldn’t imagine what the wife and kids are going through.



Sorry Humble.

Sorry for all of them.


That is absolutely terrible. Take care of yourself mate, and a word of advice try your best to not think “if only I had done this or that”. I did the same when a friend committed suicide last year, and it just cripples you.

Depression is just the absolute worst


yep sometimes sadly there’s just nothing you can do or say once a person has gotten to the point and made their mind up. and also again sadly, the ones who generally hurt with it the most are the best at hiding it the most.


Take care @Humble_NSW_Fan.

Condolences to his family.


Keep talking about it, guys and girls.
It’s the best thing we can do.


Robyn Bailey on Triple M’s Brisbane breakfast show was talking about this the other day. Her husband committed suicide 5 years ago and left her with 3 teenage boys.
She got very emotional (understandably) on air when talking about how news outlets say someone “lost their battle with mental health…”. She is quite adamant that people need to call it for what it is and use the term suicide. She quoted studies that show mentioning the word does not actually increase the likelihood of someone else taking that path. She also mentioned that children of suicide victims are 10 times more likely to commit suicide themselves.
Damn scary stat.
Remember, keep talking to others whether it’s your need or potentially theirs.
I love that this forum unashamedly supports each other regardless of the banter/disagreements in other threads.


I do get where she is coming from, there is a taboo that needs to be broken. It is slowly dissolving, but it is still there.

But, equally, the hesitancy to use the term suicide often comes from a place of sincere compassion–both for those who have passed, and those impacted by the passing. I think it’s an acknowledgement that suicide isn’t an abrupt action, it is the result of mental health battles which are legitimate medical conditions.


Not sure on that. I think there is value in “killed by cancer” and “killed by depression” being comparable statements.


On the male side of my family. My dad’s father committed suicide by hanging, my dad attempted to shoot himself but the gun didn’t fire, suffered with depression all his life, my brother put a hose up the exhaust pipe into the window of the car. He was resuscitated but sadly had to be taken into care for the rest of his life. My brother’s son, sat in a chair for two years and did not move. His wife took time off work to be with him she says being there with him probably saved his life. He is now on medication and living a normal life. Both his sons suffer with depression. All the male children in this lineage suffer from depression.


My uncles took his life with hose in car

His daughter also attempted suicide a few years back.

Its definitely hereditary


Both Port Adelaide’s Matthew Broadbent and Western Bulldogs’ Lin Jong have stepped down from playing due to ongoing mental health issues.


I was talking to a Richmond supporter the other day regarding how supporting teams takes a lot of resilience and told him I was pretty sure Essendon was doing my head in and he started to nod. I said mate you wouldn’t understand, you guys have been going well etc.

He just raised a slow, incredulous eyebrow at me

Then we went back to watching India roll us.


Lawrence Mooney (also on MMM Bris) has also had a couple of cracks
And very much a believer in talking about it as much as possible, in as many ways as possible


Wow, thats a lot to deal with, and “My brother’s son, sat in a chair for two years and did not move” did he choose not to move. I am just finding that scenario hard to comprehend, did he just shut down mentally, I am not doubting it, really shows the extreme of mental breakdown.

Sorry for your losses too :cry:


Thank you.

He reached a very low point, where his world crashed in on him. He had bought a business was working 7 days a week, it went to the wall financially, they lost their house. He felt so ashamed and felt as though he had failed everyone. He stopped talking and completely shut down. He became incapable of doing anything. His wife had to feed him. He just started wasting away. I believe her when she said if she hadn’t stopped work, stayed home with him, he would have killed himself. He is on medication now and had no idea of his lineage history. Their relationship now is stronger than it ever was.