The Mighty Bombers- 2019 EFC slogan


“Essendon we shall not be made to Neeld”


Essendon 2019- new year new excuses


Those magnificent men in their flying machines. They go up tiddly up up, they go down tiddly down down.


Essendon 2019- have you got your cards yet?


EFC"19 - We love MEMBERS. :flushed:




Essendon 2019 - Do plane flying stuff and strive for glory and fame, well win a flag this year. Promise!




That sucks. Could they not think of anything less inspiring, or more cliche?

Don the sash! Now that is call to arms, a rally cry everyone can get behind.

But, Mighty?

Is mighty b-l-o-o-d-y lame.


Better than Yess at least


Shut up and give us your money




We could keep the same slogan, but if we have a new “theme” each year, what would the Captain order? “Bound for glory and fame” has a grand final ring about it…


Essendon: Throw a Shaka if ya feel me. :call_me_hand:




Essendon: Here’s the scarf you all voted for that isn’t even the best one.


These guys were unavailable for comment;


Essendon - Ricky Dyson and Third Rounder


Those guys have kneeled.


Cleared for take off


EFC19: Yeah, nah.