The “Mozzie’s Second Goal” thread

There have been few highlights for us in a season where our biggest win to date has been 15 points. Jordan Ridley looking every bit like Neale Daniher at his best, Andy McGrath buzzing around the packs like a fly on a fresh piece of meat, big Sammy launching himself at opposing ruckman like an oversized kid in a bouncy castle … and of course Mozzie’s second goal.

I rate that goal up there with Longy’s run in 93, Hird’s goal against the Weagles and Zakka’s 2009 ANZAC special. With all of those goals the context is everything, and the context of Mozzie’s goal in the era of Covid 19 is worth remembering for posterity. Most of the Bomber fan base is here in Victoria, and while the first lockdown was a bit of a novelty this second one has been brutal. Evening curfews, no travel more than 5 km from home, everyone either stuck at home alone or trying not to bite the heads off their loved ones, preying-mantis style. And the one area you’d hope for a bit of escapism, a bit of fun, would be the footy. But the footy’s just made things worse – injuries, lopsided (flop-sided?) free kick counts, dubious tribunal outcomes and abysmal performances. During the Great Depression millions of Australians turned to Bradman and Phar Lap for inspiration – who was going to provide that for us?

Dreamtime game in Darwin, three minutes to go in the second quarter, Bombers a point down. McGrath sends a long ball down the wing to a five-on-two (!!) … Bellchambers and Stringer vs Grimes, Vlastuin, Pickett, Baker and Houli. Stringer is kept out by Vlastuin and Tommy B mistimes his leap, barely gets a finger on it. Houli as always sits perfectly positioned at the side of the pack and watches the ball bounce his way. Even before the ball hits the pack you can spot Mozzie accelerating towards the contest from right of screen. Houli reaches out to grab the ball but it’s gone in a blur. James Brayshaw called the goal perfectly: “Long high ball forward, HERE COMES MOSQUITO!! …. Take all the ground young man! … on the left ……. HE HAS KICKED ANOTHER ONE. MAGNIFICENT!!!”

This was a “where were you when ….??” moment. Of course the answer for almost all of us was “stuck at home”, but that’s not the point. Where were you emotionally? How did that goal affect you?

I was watching the game with three friends – Stu, Lu and Jimmy – on a Zoom call. When the goal went through I jumped to my feet, punched the air and screamed out, then sat back down to enjoy the moment with the others. All of us except Stu were watching on C7, which meant that Stu was about 15 seconds behind due to the Kayo streaming delay. My lasting memory will always be of me, Lu and Jimmy staring at the Zoom screen waiting for Stu to catch up and see the goal. For me, reliving the moment vicariously was somehow even sweeter than the first time around. Pure joy – we just haven’t had enough of it.

We’ve still get a few rounds left to go, so there’s always hope, but if that’s the best 2020 has to offer then I guess I’ll take it. At least it gave us something, just for a moment, and in this sh1tty year you take what you can get.


No mozzie lid on types in here please


■■■■ we’re gonna curse him aren’t we

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There were only 3 plays that got me off the couch, 2 were Mossie goals, 1 was the Tippa “goal”.


l nominated that the selection of Mozzie would lead to a freer forward line. His approach to the game, and in particular that goal, was a breath of fresh air, and one that blew through the team as well, as we could clearly see Tippa also play with a sense of more freedom.

To paraphrase Dickens: Please sir, can we have some more?


Went to buy my #22 Dreamtime jersey and they have sold out!!! Devastated I hope they get more in stock

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I think it’s clear he will become the greatest indigenous player in the history of the game.
It’s irrefutable, actually.


Pick the difference between Moz’s and the others…

It was a beautiful moment HH. May we see many more.

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My first thought when he kicked that goal was that I haven’t seen anyone since Lovett do that in an Essendon jumper. Maybe Walla has come close, but he doesn’t have that easy flowing running style Lovett did.

It was just pure footballing brilliance - was in the right spot, took the ball clean at full tilt, burnt off some opponents and nailed the kick. Not many can do that and make it look so easy.


I was in the shower when it happened.

At one point I strangely got a semi, out of nowhere. Now I know why


Tomorrow’s injury update:

“Moz copped a slight knock to the calf. We’ll be cautious with his recovery”

Listed as indefinite


Was a great goal. Moz knew it was a goal as soon as it hit his boot. Was so happy for him.


My Watch tells me when my heartrate goes above 120bpm.

At this point, it just told me there was unexpected blood flow in the groinal regions.

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It was well put above in regards to a Lovett comparison. There is simply nothing better then watching a bloke read the play that well, then strolling into goal - Not once did he look like missing that goal, he was that confident he decided to increase the angle almost pointing out the “I’m special” factor to not only all the fans but more importantly coaches & selectors. Bloody exciting player from what was witnessed in that game. Can’t wait to see more.


Well put. Such a bright spot, when we could love football again, and there was hope for life, for a time when all this crp is behind us and we can smile.

For 5 minutes there was a ray of sunshine on the horizon. After what has seemed so long, as crp things keep happening, to the club and to the world. At the moment Moz kicked that one the clouds parted. And when Tippa backed up a minute later, the sun actually shone through. For the entire length of one add break, at which point I felt kicked to the curb.

It’s been a tough year, a tough decade even. But there is hope. And for that moment we could almost see it.


I hope he kicks a bag, even if they are simple out the back or even Joe the goose goals against Whorethorn on Thursday. Its so sad when you are hoping for schadenfreude to take something out of this pits of a season.

Also, thanks for highlighting the kayo time-lag. My mate messaged me after Mozzies goal. “MOZZIE!”. I reply a couple of minutes later with “TIPPA!!”. Followed 15 seconds later with “FFS”. 15 seconds later he sends the “WALLA!!” message…I was very confused.


Genuine question. I was thinking about this during the game.

If Fantasia does leave at some point in his career, who would you give the famous number 13 to? Walla, Mozzie or one of the Davey twins?

It was an electrifying goal. With his hair cut he suddenly looks like a mature player, and to see him slip through that gap like a new Michael Long, then outrun all chasers until he was in range, and then, best of all, kick the ball dead straight through the centre of the goals with a perfect drop punt just lifted my soul.

The comparison to Michael Long has been made before, but what actually came to my mind was a couple of times against FC where Andy Lovett made a run like that and kicked goals that sunk them.

Edit. I hadn’t read every post, so I didn’t know that the Lovett comparison had already been made. Better than I made it, actually.


Mozzie and Cyril both kicked 2.1 in their first game