The Music Quiz

I'm useless at answering questions. I can put together a quiz though.

Nike -just do it.


Nookie - just did it.



  1. Is Deep Purple.
    Something something Daughter something something else…dark side…complete.

Its a Gillan song and not the usual Purple heavy stuff.
Damn this memory.


I think its off Fireball


Something something Daughter

I reckon something something could easily be construed as another way of saying … “Anyone’s”, … so we’ll call it done eh?

It’s pretty funny, and, at 12, rather risque’ I thought. That, and the contrast to the rest of the record.made it stick in my head.

I’ve always been able to sing it word for word ever since.

“I can hear your tales & lies, you say I’m Dumb and Scraggy, but man this Dumb & Scraggy, is your Daughters, baby’s Daddy …”



Yeah…its flooding back now.
Good stuff mate.

  1. Work’n in the morning for my hard earned bread I’m, - So sad / But nothin’ I can do to mend your ways I’m, - So bad / Walk away from me in the morning light I’m - So bad.

So … just this one left.

Aussie band that was one of our first contributors to the Prog Rock scene. Also, Melbourne band
Played at every Sunbury festival. 72 to 75 …

Really surprised no one’s got this one yet. Is it possible there’s no one here that knows these guys, & in particular this, their most recognisable song?

Na nah, nah nah nah nah nah, … I don’t think so.


Chain? 10 lb something or other…

Chain? 10 lb something or other....

Not Chain no. These guys were Prog Rock, in the vein of Traffic, Blackfeather etc ,… but you’re on the right track with the song title. it was something (pound) lb something.


I’m pretty sure that one’s nearly cracked, so “Let’s Get together & Do It Again”

The Second time is always better … Am I Right :wink:

Starts out with a “Friendly 7”

Then 8 through 14 are All Aussie from all over the decades.

The last lot, are an Alternative Six Pack, … a bit on the harder side I suspect.

  1. I care but I’m restless, I’m here but I’m really gone
    Hand In Pocket / Alanis Morissete - Wimmera1

  2. Will this aching pass / Will this night be through / Wanna hear the breaking glass
    Bring Me Some Water / Melissa Etheridge

  3. God I feel like hell tonight / The tears of rage I cannot fight / I’d be the last to help you understand
    Sheryl Crow / Strong Enough - simmo41

  4. Goodbye to all my friends at home / Goodbye to people I’ve trusted
    Big Old Jet Airliner / Steve Miller - Swooper

  5. But all that’s left is a place dark and lonely / A terraced house in a mean street back of town
    No Milk Today / Herman’s Hermits - Shelton 10

  6. You always won, everytime you placed a bet / You’re still damn good, no one’s gotten to you yet
    Still the Same / Bob Seger - Miss Ellie

  7. America’s a boyfriend / Untouched by flesh of hand / Stay below it Stay below
    Love Song - Simple Minds - BAAKKEERRRR

  8. Green fields / Grass and earth / Broken bottles / Bricks and dirt
    Just Keep Walking / INXS - Wimmera1

  9. Other girls may try to take me away (take me away) / But you know, it’s by your side I will stay I’ll stay
    Glad All Over / Dave Clark 5 & Hush - Shelton 10

  10. Hey-hey, When everything goes wrong / Sometimes it makes no sense
    Hey Little Girl / Icehouse - BAAKKEERRRR

  11. They were saving for a little hut, / She collected sea-shells every day.
    Leilani / Hoodoo Gurus - BAAKKEERRRR

  12. People upstairs make so much noise / Drive me mad with their electricl toy’s
    Basement Flat / Midnight Oil - Mr Jez & Capt Jack

  13. You know the clothes that you wear and the color in your hair / Shouldn’t change you …
    Pete Murray / So Beautiful - simmo41

  14. This story’s right, this story’s true / I would not tell lies to you
    Took The Children Away / Archie Roach

  15. Well he’s a fat little insect / he’s in his birthday suit
    Nick The Stripper / The Birthday Party - Mr Jez

  16. Caroline laughs and it’s raining all day / She loves to be one of the girls
    Pretty in Pink / Psychedelic Furs - xhavoc

  17. I am the girl you know can’t look you in the eye / I am the girl you know so sick I cannot try
    Miss World / Hole - Swooper

  18. Hangin’ round downtown by myself / And I had so much time / To sit and think about myself
    Marcy Playground / Sex and Candy - simmo41

  19. Mom and Dad went to a show / They dropped me off at grandpa Joe’s / I kicked and screamed
    Sliver / Nirvana - xhavoc

  20. I thought I knew all it took to bother you / Every word I said was true that you’ll see
    I’ll Stick Around / Foo Fighters - simmo41

  1. Hand In Pocket - Alanis Morissete
  2. Just Keep Walking - INXS

  1. pretty in pink - psychedelic furs
  2. sliver - nirvana

  1. Sheryl Crow - Strong Enough
  2. Pete Murray - So Beautiful
  3. Marcy Playground - Sex and Candy

  1. Love Song - Simple Minds

  1. Hey Little Girl - Icehouse

  1. Leilani - Hoodoo Gurus

  1. Big Old Jet Airliner - Steve Miller
    17 is going to do my head in


I have a whole lot of confidence that you won’t miss that one, swooper.


Walk away for a few hours and it comes back
17. Hole Miss World

  1. No Milk Today, Herman’s Hermits