The Music Quiz

  1. Oh what a Night - The Four Seasons


Zagler and Evans


19 is Disco 2000 by Pulp

  1. Let There Be Rock - AC/DC (“back in 1955”)



18 silverchair - anthem for the year 2000

  1. REM - Pop Song 89


This is going…pretty, pretty good.
Thanks to Zimmer for doing the extra.
Four to go.
I reckon @koala would knock off at least two of two of the three eighties ones, if not all three.
The first is a cover of a standard by an Australian singer/band.

  1. Sexcrime (1984) - Eurythmics


Missed it again. This is what can happen when the wifi goes out for a night.



Think I’ll call it soon, though.
The other two are Australian eighties pop songs.
One by a Rick Pricey kind of guy and the other by a band with a female vocalist.


It doesn’t fit your hints, but #1 is Stagger Lee isn’t it?


I left a hint for that earlier, and yes it is.
Do you want to choose an artist?


Oh, I’m back. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds version is what I know, did someone different do it that you’re referencing in the quiz? I know it’s an old standard.


That was the one I was referring to!


Ah, reading backs through the posts I now get it. I could only see 1 and 15 left and I thought the last hints were for them. I missed 16 being there also.


Going on those last hints, can I take a stab at the artists? Paul Norton and Do Re Mi?


Pretty good!
You’ve got the first artist, not the second.


Hooray! Alas, I can’t remember many of Norton’s songs. Stuck On You comes to mind, is that it? Those lyrics don’t ring any bells.


Yeah, I reckon he had two songs and they both sucked.
This is the other one.