The need for Neade

Jake Neade delisted. I think we need him. We’ll not need necessarily but needing Neade appeals to my child like brain.

In all seriousness though I’d grab him. Very handy small forward and would be quite handy and hopefully allow Walla and razzle more time up the ground

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Yeah, but does Long belong?


Would Hind mind?


Would Hep help?

Can Younan tune in?

Fletcher, betcha.


Dunno. How long is a piece of string(er)?

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Saad to say.


Baker ehh?

Do you need Neade, or do you need Neade to knead?


Or do you just need to need Neade to need to kneade?

That seems to be the real question.

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I have the Neade.
The Neade for Speed.

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Collingwood apparently

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Wtf…He’s actually ■■■■. Big no.


He’s better than Long


They are very different players…

I’ll weigh in, ive followed him closely since his draft year as I got to know him in that year and he is a really good kid.

I think he can play, he needs a particular game plan to suit his strengths though, 2016 was his best year when Port were run and gun, when Hinkley shifted his focus to more lock down, his size made him less effective in those sorts of situations.

He will land elsewhere, Collingwood as most suggest is most likely, however if we where to grab him I really do think Worsfold would get his best footy out of him, one thing Woosh is very good at is putting guys in a position to play their best footy, and I think his best is more than good enough at AFL level.

Some highlights from that 2016 year.

If it comes to a him vs Long suggestion, where is the bigger requirement for depth? Small forward or Outside wingman? That’s how I’d base who I gave a list spot too. I’d be leaning towards neede


A very fkn small one.

Our next full forward?

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Rid of Ridley then?

Tippa the iceberg opportunity here to address our small forward issue.