The Novak saga

Others have mentioned that we need a seperate thread so others can enjoy the tennis thread without having to sift through the Novak saga.


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A directions hearing started at 6pm Sunday but for those bored on a Sunday evening have at it

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Credit for his haircut not moving through the whole affair.

Not once.

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She’s a national treasure


Is the on these docs supposed to be 6th Jan 2022?

I just find it really interesting that we hear about every other sportsperson who has contracted covid but we heard nothing of this.

Anyone want to have a crack at what has actually happened succinctly.

In my mind, he never had covid and all this is a function of his attempt to find a loophole.

If he really did have covid on the 16rh Dec hes shown disdain for the science and other people by attending events in the following days.

End of story.

If he did have it then I’d be ok to let him in but I’d think poorly of him.

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This is a gross exaggeration - Many keep it private unless they are missing a major tournament or they test positive before a pre-flight departure - For example at least 10 members of the Sydney Swans contingent tested positive to COVID pre-Xmas - There names have not been made public - The Australian cycling team Bike Exchange has had around 50% of their contingent test positive to COVID and only a few were made at the time.

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if novak had covid, a journo would’ve found out about it.

Novak is an antivax idiot who ■■■■■■ up his visa forms

The feds couldn’t organise a chook raffle

The state Gov said he could come with an asterisk that they didn’t explain

Tennis Australia completely shat the bed


I also posted in the other thread, if he didn’t get covid and be able to get this exemption, would he have not tried to come at all?


The legendary Serbian tabloids? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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it was a pretty self-explanatory asterisk though, ‘you can play in the aus open… if you can get here’


From what I can gather…
The US Open didn’t have mandatory vax requirements of the players. Around 75% of players were faxed for it.
That was November sometime.
The remainder then had until the Aussie Open to be fully vaxed.
Like it or not, if you are infected in the meantime, you cannot get the vax. So that’s where the medical exemption should give people (regardless of how whiny, idiot, batshit crazy and annoying the individual is) the right to enter.
In early December you could use that as a medical exemption.
Other players have been let in on those grounds so it’s clear that it was either a rule at one stage or just an oversight that wasn’t picked up until Djokovic entered.
Djokovic (as much of a prick he is) has been mistreated.
Scomo tried to make a point of this. It was intimated the day before his arrival that the medical exemption was granted and that he needed to show the information at the border for entry.
They knew something was up.
They made a point of punish him in order to score some political points.
The morning after Scomo did his ‘rules for one are rules for all’ song and dance.
Only those same rules weren’t applied to other players (hence the went back and removed a few others who got in on the same exemption).

This bullshit about him not isolating after a positive test is not for Border Force question. They either didn’t communicate the rules well enough (probably also changed it along the way) or they don’t believe the PCR test results (which I don’t think they’d really want to go down that rabbit hole).

I’m expecting a large apology coming Novak’s way from the Feds. Simply because an idiot Federal Government thought they’d use him to make a point, instead to completely fark it up and make themselves (and the country) look totally incompetent.
This is the same as the Macron situation. A totally inept Federal Government doing inept ■■■■.



There was a woman player (don’t know her name because I don’t really care much for tennis).
She landed about a week ago and was training at Rod Laver Arena, when she was detained and told to go into the same Hotel that Novak is in. That happened on Friday (I think).
She has left the country. She didn’t even bother contesting it, but her medical exemption for an positive test result in December was granted at the border.

She played in a warmup tournament already didn’t she?
She voluntarily left the country

Here’s the article.

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