The old NRL vs AFL

Can somebody explain to me where this NRL vs AFL thing comes from?

I can understand if you don’t like one sport or the other because you’ve come to a conclusion that it just doesn’t appeal to you… but why would you be loyal to one sport and completely fail to grasp the idea of being able to enjoy multiple ones in a single country.

It’s kinda… basic.

I ask this because i had a guy the other day say “oh are you one of those GAYFL lovers are you? ■■■ sport for ■■■ people”

I just responded with “… Do you angrily ■■■■ on burgers because you’ve pointlessly pledged allegiances to sandwiches?”

He was confused and didn’t quite get the simile. My life went on.


Inferiority complex from the northern states.

That’s all it is.

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nrl supporters hate afl teams, the league, players and supporters

AFL fans etc, couldn’t care less about the NRL. it’s like norths grudge and “rivalry” with us. they make it out to be huge, yet we don’t care about them


As a round ball football fan and player at semi pro level i can say footy fans ain’t exempt from being dicks to other sports.

When I was in Sydney I found that most people had an AFL team, whether it was mostly tokenistic or not.
When I was in Queensland I found that to be pretty much never the case.
There was this…sort of insular attitude that Rugby League is the most important, the most watched, the most played, the most fanatical, the most popular code of football in the country.
That’s very important to them for some reason, even though not one of those things is true.

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I find Union and Soccer to be frustratingly tedious, personally, but I don’t feel the need to sneer at them.

I had the same thing when i was staying up in qld about 10 years ago. i was watching a game in the hotel lounge and a guy was insistent on calling it GAYFL. Its basically a dong measuring contest. Rugby is fine, but the league itself in Australia is an absolute mess. I think its just jealousy more than anything.

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League fans don’t even take League seriously, with State of Origin more important than the competition itself.

I’ve worked with plenty of folk from NSW, QLD and NZ and they aren’t merely indifferent to footy but passionately hate it.

I suspect it’s because they don’t understand its popularity and are hence threatened by it.

A bit of that I think. There are many parts of NSW and QLD that still have minimal interest or coverage in Aussie rules and where League is that far dominant it isn’t funny

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Nope comes from NSW.
They would rather watch 2 non NSW teams play NRL than their home AFL team.

Is cause they’re Bum sniffers, enough said

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I was a Victorian in my early years.
Moved north. Only since the saga have I gotten into league a little bit more. It’s not a bad game.
Easy to watch. I can appreciate both and don’t get the cross code hate either.

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That’s not League, it’s Union. League got rid of the bum sniffing when it got rid of scrums (well about 95% of scrums), with that pretty, gay foot-tap-the-ball-backwards-to-the-bloke-behind-you trick every time you get caught with it. Give me Union any day.

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Scrums are embarrassing “contests” that somehow always end up with the team who fed it in “fairly”.

Union scrums are 2 guys pushing three guys heads into 4 guys buts.

Everyone who goes on about “Bum Sniffing”, … actually knows how a scrum is really formed, … right?? :thinking:

See above for a technical break down of the forming of the scrum.

Hmmm, … so No eh? :smirk:

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How good is the Maori vs Aboriginal game.