The Overrated Thread


The thing (or things) that everyone else loves that you just can’t stand.


It’s ridiculously expensive bitter bean water. Even if it’s “single origin”. Then, it’s single origin ridiculously expensive bitter bean water.

Or it comes in pods, which means it’s even more expensive sickly sweet bean water. Oh and the pods are terrible for the environment. And the cups too.

And there’s child slavery involved in harvesting the beans. But you know, whatever.

Oh, and it’s terrible for your health.

But sure, go to your local cafe three times a day and grab a $6 cup of happiness, and then make sure you carry that cup around like some sort of trophy.

Alright I’m done.
Your turn.


Coffee. went out for a drink after a run this morning and everyone was having coffees, I had a chocolate milkshake.


Having a bad day SMJ?


It’s always a bad day when you don’t drink coffee. I’m tired


Manchester United.


Red Wine > $20




Homes that look like show homes.

It’s your house for ■■■■ sake - live in it


Good coffee is rated.

■■■■ coffee is terrible and should be purged.


Paperwork - just ■■■■■ me to tears


For something to be overrated someone has to rate it


The government rate it.


Self check-outs at supermarkets.

By the time you get all the errors fixed by the person that manages the area you might as well of lined up at one of the two check-outs available.


Suggestion: drink coffee.


Never had an issue with self checkouts. think its a you issue.


Can you tell it’s Friday, I haven’t had nearly enough coffee, my house is a mess and I’m buried in so much ■■■■■■ paperwork that I can’t even see any signs of my first glass of Hooker Shiraz !


Craft beers. Yeah, there’s some good ones, but there’s also a lot of rubbish ones, and many are pumped full of godknowswhat so you end up bloated and with a hangover. Some are OK for two or three, but I haven’t found too many of 'em you can really have a decent session on.

Beer culture has become as big a wankfest as that for wine.

Flame away, you girl’s-bike-riding, sleeve-tattooed, beardy bastards…


Oh 100% agree.

“I can taste cloves and butterscotch, and vine leaves and bulls1t”

Really? I taste red wine.


Summer. You can’t enjoy the weather if you are stuck at work.


Another good one.

If I took a bottle of Carlton Draught and replaced the label with ‘The SMJ Micro-Nano Barkley Street Brewery’ then half my mates would be buying it for 17 a bottle and exclaiming about how refreshing and complex it is