The Personal Indulgence Thread

Jnr diggers’ gym coach. Igor Bespalov. He made the rings p*ss on behalf of the Soviet Union.

Aren’t most threads the Diggers Personal Indulgence thread?


The Sydney thread is.

Is this like the DJ thread where no one understands the purpose of the thread and cans it. Only to understand it’s brilliance a few hundred posts in?


Whachu talking about Diggers

Some Russians have hacked the diggers account to spread propaganda.

Don’t gym coaches have a somewhat suspect track record in the violinist area.

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If you think something is awesome and should be shared, share it.

Igor Baspalov is awesome but was denied his chance at everlasting glory by communism.

Not this one. No drugs. Only hard work.

Oh, and he’s not a fiddler if that’s what you mean.

I still don’t get it

Is it that your personal indulgence is that you hire an expensive gym coach for your son?

When I saw the title I thought it was all gonna be ‘eating chocolate cake in bed’ and such and such


If you like eating chocolate in bed, share it. Adding pictures or video will help.

I don’t want to break the internet with my chocolate sexiness


This is the personal indulgence thread. Indulge us.

There is a fine line between personal indulgence and pornhub


I’m cool with it as long as I can’t see your face.

I think you have it the wrong way around.

My face won’t make you throw up, other body parts I can’t make that guarantee.

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As long as I don’t see any pictures of Bath Tub Hot Wings feasting, I’m OK with this thread.

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It’s not really ■■■■ if it’s coming out your ring. Get a referral to a good gastro enterologist.


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Just decided I’m not OK with this thread.