The positive thread. find something, anything


“Tropical Cyclone Gary”.


It’s gotta be Keith


Tropical Cyclone Darcy Darcy


Wally will be the next one ( after Veronica)


TC “Kev”

… no fk that “BIG Kev”


Wrong person this email was supposed to be for Paul about his beloved Mum. Sorry Darli.


Were you trying to message me @mdso ?


I was. Paul, I wanted to say I loved your story about your Mum and if she can be I’m sure she’s with you.


I’m going to Tassie, right now. I was born there in 1964 and haven’t been there since 1964.


Appreciate that thanks, very kind.


So, I saw this guy walking in East Brunswick, he just looked so happy.

Put a smile on my face. Image isn’t perfect, but you can just make it out.



A mate of mine named Trevor died a couple of weeks ago.

He liked making an entrance and being the life of the party. Somehow this naming seems appropriate to me.


So,… Lee Spencer, a DISABLED ex marine completely smashed the old record held by an ABLE bodied bloke, for ROWING across the Atlantic, by doing it in 60 DAYS!!

That’s just on an average of 100kms PER DAY!


What have you done lately?? :thinking:

Bluddy hell.


It’s not too late for a young lad like yourself either…:wink:


That the second leg of my $3 four leg multi just fell over.
Collingwood 40+
Adelaide 40+
St Kilda 40+
Carlton 1-39
For a $15k payout.

Removes any moral ambiguity for today.


I am no longer quite so positive about this…


Our computer system is called EMR.
Just sung that to the tune of the Sex Pistols’ EMI, and nearly made a lovely young doctor spill her drink.
It’s going to be a good shift.





Nuff sed.


Was it halal?