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She might get a nice new pair…made of cement.




There are some very interesting stories coming out of Uni Melb about her time as a Law student, some say perhaps she should have been Witness O.

The MiniSeries will be a hit !

They are not sure just where the hit may come from though.


Frankly I think the Police have a lot to answer for. Anyone in their right mind would NEVER go into witness protection. More cracks than a paper Mache wall. I am truly surprised she is still walking around because when the powers that be decide its time for a clean up, they sweep with a wide broom.


Going through old photos.



Brilliant photo Wim, when was that?


Lol. I’m really not sure!
Maybe ‘93 for Fletch and maybe seven(?) years ago for the forum footy pic?

I’m old and forget things.

Edit: Nostalgic sigh.. How good a match-up is that. Two champions marking each other.


It was always something special when that happened. I remember seeing the Vanders V Knights show.


In the last 2 weeks my 9yo son had his school swimming carnival. He swam 3 individual events in the 10yo age group and won them all.
He went up to blue belt in taekwondo and got praised at the regional grading day by the regional master.
He also received an interview offer to one of the high schools we applied to and a placement offer at the other one.
Big couple of weeks for my lad.


Congrats to Mex Jnr. Surely, that deserves carte blanche at your local LEGO shop? :wink:


The agreed deal before the swimming carnival was that if he tried his hardest at squad training and at the carnival (regardless of result), we would go halves in an ipad/tablet with him. He saves his pocket money pretty well and has enough to buy his own but as incentive we said we’d meet him half way.
Now my wife gets to take him shopping but normal rules still apply, no screens apart from tv during the school week.


My 7-year-old has commandeered my wife’s iPad and thinks it is his. You have just given me a good idea. Thx.


You’re welcome


Who is that handsome manly man at front centre?

Oh yeah, he’s the guy who brought two guys who could actually football, albeit in very different styles. Thank fark the useless bastardo did that.


I’m not gay but I’d go there for ALL OF THEM


That’s you in the Port Adelaide jumper, isn’t it?


Who me? Nah I have like light brown hair and far more dopey than any of them.


Mr Power was a very handy ring-in, given we otherwise had no ruckman that day.


It’s like a weird sci-fi parallel universe where we steal players from Port.