The Pro Cycling Thread



LOL at Alaphilippe’s inability to take it easy after Yates stuffs up.


Somehow MS have twice snatched defeat from the jaws of victory - Alaphalippe was the last rider in that group of six who you would think would get close to Yates on top of the final climb before the last descent - TDF has never been a good race for MS.


Alaphilippe is a character and a baller of a racer. Like a tiny Sagan.

I hate going downhill on a bike at the best of times. Can’t imagine doing that descent trying to chase one of the best immediately after a crash. Screw that.



Far out he fell a long way


wow thats pretty steep over the ledge.
I had no idea how far he had fallen once he went over the edge.
He got back on and kept riding, but will be able to ride the next stage?


These guys aren’t human / sane.


I love Le Tour but am struggling with the thread title as I keep seeing it as Poo Cycling, and am worried that now it too is a thing.


That’s a serious injury which will be season done for Gilbert. I am struggling to see how today’s stage can be controlled with rider’s all over the road. Last three stages breakaway have won by 18, 13 and 9 minutes. Teams continue to allow Sky to have a Sunday coffee ride in the flat parts of mountain stages and then complain when Sky have numbers for the mountain passes. Anyway breakaway riders must love Sky.


I keep thinking it’s about prostitutes on bikes.


Tonight will be crazy from the get-go. Attacks will be going all over the place.
I fail to see how the grid start will make any difference though.


I keep wondering where the Anti Cycling thread is.


So the rumours are that Mezgec and Kluge will follow Ewan to Lotto Soudal which may make it tricky to lure a quality sprinter.

By my reckoning out

  • Ewan
  • Kluge
  • Verona
  • Mezgec
  • Hayman
  • Tuft

Off contract

  • Kreuziger who is likely to stay
  • Edmondson who I have no idea
  • Bewley they should retain
  • Power will be lucky to stay in the WT
  • Howson who should stay
  • Durbridge I have a question mark

This indicates that despite the renewals of Yates x 2 there will be money in the budget.


I’d be very surprised if Power doesn’t re-sign. It might only be a 1 year deal, but he’s started showing something this year.


There is some chance this may happen - My understanding is Mezgec is contracted for 2019, though if he moves it suggests the info that he was the most disaffected with the TDF decision is correct - Interestingly Ewan has been removed from the start list for Ride London on Sunday. The Klasika race is now on in Spain - MS will be hard to beat with S.Yates.


Good to see Trentin racing again.
What’s the story with Ride London?


Trentin resumed in the Italian stage race in the last week of June and rode the Nationals but of course was off the pace - Have no idea with Ride London - It could be a training crash etc - Though if no Ewan in the Tour of Poland then something is up.


Are we any closer to knowing were Porte is going? Trek would seem the obvious choice, although this Aqua Blue story fails to go away.


I have no reason to think Porte will go to Aqua Sport - An in-form Porte wins the Vuelta if Ochowitz allows him to ride.


Assuming his usual bad luck doesn’t get him. And since when has that ever happened?
It could well be that BMC promised the Vuelta to TvJ