The Pro Cycling Thread


He’s certainly not boring!

Looking over your shoulder while doing >80kph down a city road… scary.


Matthews second.
Allaphillipe gutsy going early deserves the yellow.
I was hoping van aert would catch up enough to retain yellow for jumbo Vissma.


Alaphillipe like a boss. Nobody else was going to get close.

Sprinter’s stage tonight.


Alaphalippe is a star. That stage was definitely harder than the riders expected. Have no idea how the Commissionaires found a five second gap at the finish. Expect Groenewegen to won today.


Because Pinot


I reckon they will go hard and try and drop him or put him in difficulty on the Cote de Maron, (3.2km @ 5%), 15km from the end. I have a feeling it’s for Viviani.

On a side note Viviani is rumored to Cofidis next year.


They will definitely make it hard, though there are around 15 kms to the finish after the small climb - Cofidis will be a good move for Viviani as he doesn’t follow his lead out and they always have a good program for a PCT and they may even be WT in 2020 - Apparently Trentin to CCC as he feels they have a stronger classics squad.


Viviani after a perfect lead out wins stage four from Kristoff and Ewan - I suspect stage 5 will be for Alaphalippe.


Stage 5 looks like a breakaway opportunity, but QS will be keen to hold onto yellow for Alaphillipe.


Was really hoping Ewan would do well, his team went to the front to early then he tried to get viviannis wheel. Oh well I guess still experience.

Listening to Armstrong’s podcast and they were saying that alaphilipe, van Aert, Teunisson all did cyclocross and very very good in the under 23s.
That helps those guys with there elite pace.l, and almost the perfect sway to start racing as a junior.

Ineos seem happy to let allaphilipe keep yellownthis week.

Stage 6 is key stage for GC with up hill finish any time losses will be important, especially for Thomas as team may favour Bernal from there.


The world cyclocross under 23’s title in 2013 was Teunisson, Alaphalippe and Van Aert.


AVV now leads the Giro Rosa by a huge margin. She is phenomenal.


AVV spends nearly 1/3 of the racing season training at altitude - Actually Lucinda Brand also spends time training with AVV and she is riding a good GC - This is fairly much unexplored territory for the women’s peleton - Looks like Katusha will finish at the end of the year - Reckon only about 12 or 13 riders will stay in the WT - And Nathan Haas may struggle to get a contract.


Katusha is that bad, that I doubt anybody will notice their passing.
Sagan wins the reduced sprint from Wout and Trentin.

First test of the GC / climbers tonight with an atypical Vosges stage.


Yep I will stay up tonight, should get a early look at the form of the GC guys.
Have only been watching the morning highlights so far.


Looks like the rumours about Dumoulin are true.


Guardian has done a good article on MS performance overall and in the Giro Rosa.


Jumbo visma is building a pretty good roster.


TJ Vangarderen Dropped before the final climb.
Valverde working for landa and Quintana

Dylan Teuns wins the stage.
Ciccionne finishs second and takes yellow.
they were in the break away

Geraint thomas Did the best on the final climb.
Pinot looked strong
Porte looked good as well and didnt lose much time today.

bardet lost time, got dropped.


Bardet has struggled all season - Expect him to ride the Giro in 2020 - I realise that Ciccone was second in the stage and gets the yellow - But Why does Trek put two of their support riders for Porte in the break ?

Thomas and Pinot looked good - Berna, Quintan, Landa and Fuglsang OK - Yates, Uran struggled a bit - Nibali and Kruijswijk off the pace.