The Reigning Dj King! is @frankston_bomber2005


All timing.




Solid YES.


A tentative yes. Mix it up with your next song though, too many like this


5000+ posts. That’s alot.


Still waiting for the first Kevin “■■■■■■” Wilson novelty track.


Rhinestone Ploughboy is a guaranteed yes from me.


No from me.


I was considering a filthy Detroit booty bass number but chickened out.


I agree. I’ve been trying to fit some synths in without destroying the flow of the set.


Si, certo.


Stop blowing your own trumpet.


I’m only responsible for half of them.


We want synths! We want synths!


Pretty sure I’m over the line again.

French band Space - Magic Fly 1977. Making a mockery of the “No Daft Punk” rule and probably knocking me off my smartarsse perch


I played a gig once with a band a lot like this. Whole bunch of freaks turned up and I didn’t get remotely close to getting laid. What’s the point of even being in a band then? It’s too much hard work.



Had enough eh hambo?? … :laughing:



wow never heard this…but no


ITT: pandering to a demographic is successful. like when essendon rolls out the sheeds.

also yes.


Loved it. That’s inspired me to see if I can pick up an old Soviet era Cosmonaut suit. YES