The Reigning Dj King! is @frankston_bomber2005


That doesnt stop just makes keeping track of votes easier.


Speaking of votes, what are we up to?


Yeah, it’d be smooth. Watch the song, vote, check results, join the chat in the posts below, come back into the thread later and scroll up for a votes update if you wish.


Thread is great.

Let’s change it!


Digs got rid of updates. But it’s not over yet.

With a poll you can’t tell who got to 10 first, thats the change over point.

By posting it’s clear cut, even if people come in late.

Just gotta wait for the kings accountant to make it official.


I think you’re up to 6 yes, 7 no @Klawdy


Fair point.


lol, we’re idiots :slight_smile:


Just watch the poll 24/7 not like you’re not on blitz all day erryday day anyway


Does this thread now require its own rules committee thread? What’s KB up to these days?


Yep…we should AFL it


Well I was thinking - the last person to hit a ‘10’ vote either yes or no, can ‘nominate’ that they’ve done it. It would require an honour system, and perhaps occasionally, it would need to be reviewed by someone - or a committee of some sort. But in any case, it would allow us to change the rules while not stuffing up the system too much.


God, I hope we never get this wrong and oust someone unfairly. That would be tragic.


If my hands touch the back of my wife when I vent because @bltn has voted no again then that should be a free song from their genre of choice from everyone else in the thread. I’m sure KB will go for that.


We could have a Zooper Zong. 3 points awarded for a liked song that no one else had heard before. Plus jugglers, of course.


Boom! Thread evolves again!


Maybe if Song gets to 24 hours without the vote getting to 10 either way, we just go with the count as it is up to then?


Yeah thats fair.


Time wasting rule? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


It’s Diggers’ thread and game, so it’s his rules.