The Reigning Dj King! is @frankston_bomber2005


No from me


Righto @GeoffBlethynsGlasses. Time for some fresh meat. Do your best champion!


Great job @Klawdy. Well done.

OK children, gather around the wireless. Your Uncle Glasses is going to play some song(s) at you.

Way back before clubs and raves, before discotheques and happenings, DJs worked on radio. We’re going to go back to those times.

Think of this as the midnight to dawn shift (or maybe only midnight to 12:05!) on your favourite radio station. Yes I know it’s only 10am. Shut up!

Let’s start with one of the British Invasion groups. The Kinks are so much more than just L.O.L.A. Lola.

Kinks - Waterloo Sunset

Will I just play Golden Mouldies? Vote YES to find out.


liking this on a Sunday morning- Yes


I can’t see you ever getting a ‘no’ from me this season.


I’ve got a feeling it might only take the next song to do it!! Let’s hope not.




Stick with who you are, mate :wink:




I don’t like the song. But, I like the direction you’re going. Give me some old songs I haven’t heard before please.





I like that.








Pre-game optimism rule - everything is good - even songs you hear in the supermarket. Yes


I’ll give it a pass. Yes.




Have you voted yes yet?


for the trance ones.