The Reigning Dj King! is @frankston_bomber2005


Haha, I had a hundred ideas for an opening track, but I thought bring something they know but don’t know.

8-4 by my current count, I may have a chance to get more interesting!


Ill give it a yes. A versatile track to mix into other songs.


First ball rule and still up after a double win Sunday. Yes

Never really a Midnight Oil fan. I have 3 MO CDs I won at a school trivia night somewhere, never played, they are still wrapped in their plastic. They always seemed a bit tedious, repetitive and pretentious to me - and this 12" remix captures that perfectly.


Ok, I live, but with a few standing at the back of the room arms folded.
Let me take you further back now, half a century to be exact, to a land of psychedelic electronic futuristic bliss. I’ll even throw in a modern clip with it:


Kudos for going with something obscure, but nah, can’t say I liked it.


Never heard this, and that’s unusual.
I liked it. Love the drums and the general vibe.
The monotonous drone is hypnotising - intentionally, of course.
Unusual progression.


Yes- Mainly because its pretty clear that this massively influenced the Chemical Brothers. Songs like Private Psychedelic Reel and Setting Sun have very similar tones/rhythm to this(they might have even sampled this song). Love the early Chemical Brothers music so have to respect this track.




That was quite advanced for it’s time. I’m sure it was
popular for an acid journey.



That must have freaked people out at the time it was released.

It’s a luke-warm YES from me.


It’s kinda cool.





Liked it but I’m glad I didn’t watch that video anytime between 3am-6am. That could tip you over the edge.


Ok, 6-2 and a “liked it but” so far


You’ve got Hawkwind on your mind, dontcha?


Haha… yes.


I’ve got a suspicion that mrjez has hypnotised us all with that clip. If we all start clucking and walking around like chickens I’ll know who to blame.

On the plus side, the fresh eggs will come in handy.


Love the Chemical Brothers feel to it.
Shame about the vocals, but…given it’s '68 I guess that’s kinda…yeah.
Very, very firm yes.
Almost disturbingly so for other patrons.




I’ll give it a yes.

Certainly different