The Reigning Dj King! is @frankston_bomber2005




Ah you guys! I make it 3 - 10. I had so many joys ahead to share with you!

Looks like I’m the DJ equivalent of the Fark Carlton Clash Strip. So without further ado I’ll hand it over to the new DJ King.

Please welcome DJ @mrjez.

Good luck. I think I warmed up the room for you…


To kick a man when he’s down.



LOL barnz. You can have some extra time to think about it if you want. Maybe play it again a few times?


Would have been a yes from me - but it wouldn’t have saved you.


Oh! Thanks @GeoffBlethynsGlasses
Just got the kids to bed, dishes washed etc etc

Now time to hit the decks!


Song we all know, but do we know the Francois Kevorkian dub remix from the US 12”???

Dat snare from 1:19, woo!



Probably put me down as yes for everything you do judging by this particular selection. Not a bad snare, I’ll find a naked one someday and probably sample it for my drum sample library. In fact some of those rides in the percussive bit, pitch em up.


Happy to hear some more.

YES from me.


I had high hopes, but that just got on my nerves by the end. No.


80’s 12 inch (re)mixes. Fairly embarrassing stuff. Ruining a perfectly fine song.

It’s an emphatic No from me.


Oh, 2-2.
I like the 80s remixes cos with the chunky beat behind them I could slip them into DJ sets and get good reactions, then segue into something else before folk got tired. Putting up a YouTube clip certainly loses that effect.


No, I’m afraid. I probably would have given a ‘yes’ to the actual track - but not that mashed up rubbish.


I always favour instrumentals = YES vote


What he said - NO


I’m going to go yes, but primarily on the basis of “can’t go out first ball”


I liked the different mix and it made me appreciate the song again. Yes


I won’t vote until I find out if it was real instruments or not.

OK it’s a yes from me.


Wasn’t the primary songwriter in Midnight Oil was the drummer? Styles or something?
As far as I know Phil collins is the only songwriter-drummer to eschew the kit for a drum machine.

It’s a yes from me. But not convincingly. BTW if I was on last night I would’ve backed you ‘Glasses. Only because I know the sick sad places your mind (and saved youtube clips) go.



700 pieces of Vinyl, and this is the most interesting opening track you could come up with ?

A soft, flaccid YES from me, but only coz it’s The Oils.
Expecting improvement Track 2 (if you progress)…