The Reigning Dj King! is @frankston_bomber2005


I’ve wandered over to the bar and ordered a tequila shot. Knocked that back and considering the next move.

Stuff it, I’m heading back onto the floor, but only because it feels like this DJ might cue up some Tlot Tlot soon.

So I guess that’s a yes.


I gave it a couple of listens… I want to like it…

But it’s a no from me.


No sorry.


Yes, just.


That was fantastic down low. Even better turned up. A big fat yes from me.



I could imagine Super Hans’ Big Beat Manifesto dropping that.



Listened twice - but No.


I admire your courage, I really do, but I can’t vote in the positive based on dare.



Reminds me of Storm the Studio, Friday nights on RRR circa 1990 as a teenager.

File under completely forgot it even existed. So, yes.


I guess that programme could’ve been named after the MBM album that this track is on, “Storm The Studio”?


Audience is polarised.


Yep, definitely was.


Yep, it sits at 6-6.


It’s a no from me.


I like it. Yes.

@Henry_s_Angry_Pills lol at Super Hans.


No for mine.


You’d be a nightmare to go out with.

Also, we’re heading to Iceland early next year. If I cross paths with Björk, I’ll get a selfie just to annoy you.


I’ve said yes more than I said no.

You’re going to Iceland? I’m very jealous. And I’m sure Bjork wouldn’t waste her time.


Yeah, she probably wouldn’t. Or she might attack me, Japanese journalist style. Better be careful.