The Reigning Dj King! is @frankston_bomber2005


She was being bullied and harassed, I’d have done the same.


Is CB going to play Bjork when it’s his turn ?
Because that would surely be DJ suicide.


If he went for some Sugarcubes numbers he’d have my support.


The only death would be on the dance floor… from pure ecstasy!


I don’t think you could handle it.


Just you try me.


Anyway, if the audience has any rhythm at all, @mrjez will prevail for the foreseeable future and all this Björk business will be moot. I SAID MOOT!


I’m awarding you exactly 3 hearty claps for the name drop of Sugarcubes though. HEARTY I say.


No one likes a pushy MC.


Hey @Diggers I’ve had more chuckles and listened to more new music in this thread than I’ve had for a while.

Well done. “Thread of the Summer” for me, closely followed by @swoodley ‘s Best Albums lists.

You guys got me through another pre- season with sanity mostly intact.


It’s been good fun so far. What I like about this thread is it allows us to cast judgment on the tastes of others. It’s brilliant. The other music threads require a degree of civility and politeness. In here you can be ruthless.


The ruthlessness can be fun but I also like the begrudging respect given to people that nail it.


I second Geoff’s sentiment. Fun thread!


Currently dealing with a shitload of statistics for uni right now, it’s often not fun.

This is.


Meanwhile, Meat Beat sits at 7-8. Come on people, cast your votes!


I’m going with ‘yes’.
Had me twerking a little.
I took a video, if you want to see it.


What kind of undies? A friend wants to know.


That, too.


I’m unfamiliar with that concept.


You’re less than begrudging and I’m unfamiliar with what that means.