The Reigning Dj King! is @frankston_bomber2005


Dubstep is the style which includes the woob woob synthy stuff and the beats.


Interesting and unlike anything in my collection.

Yes from me.


Certainly won’t be your last. Enjoyed that. Yes from me.


I was praying for an avalanche to make it stop. But it wasn’t as bad as Exile. So first ball rule get’s you another spin - Yes


No, can’t go with that.

But hopefully you’ll get through, and we’ll see what else you’ve got.


Yes. Extra points for the over exaggerated dance moves in the clip.




I have mixed emotions about this track. I’ll give it a yes, but fark.


I won’t let you down next time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok. I trust you.


Man we’ve got a mixed bunch here at Blitz. Dubstep isn’t my thing but I’m interested to see what’s up next so it’s a yes.


Had a 17 hour working day yesterday (and the same coming up) - mine would have been ‘yes’. Liked it.
Good effort MrJez. I was a bit iffy about most of your choices, but on the other hand, I listened to things I wouldn’t normally, so thanks for that :slight_smile:



Not a convinced ‘yes’, though. Sounds like the outro for a particularly boring session at the Winter Olympics. But hey - you get a few free passes. I’m a forgiving bloke.


Hey @Diggers, I’m doing an AFL here and messing with perfection but what about the old backyard cricket rule, you can’t go out first ball?


No from me, would not want to hear that on the dancefloor.

But i want to see what more BLTN brings in round 2


That’s a no, I just can’t with dubstep. Still, as mentioned I’d rather see the king survive.


I’ve thought about this but have decided against having a ‘no 1st ball dismissal’ rule. Simplicity is best. Let the audience decide each track on its merits.




If that rule was in place, I would have opened with Joe Dolce.
Be careful what you wish for :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This should be a rule.