The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible




Shoegaze guitar wall but not so much in the song melody, very Oasis there. Cool tune. Yes

DJ’s and spins
Jake Brady (No Show)
Dell (twice called, twice absent)
Kay_Eff_See 2nd
GeoffBlethynsGlasses 2nd
Ivan 2nd
BloodStainedDevils 2nd
Riolio 2nd
alex.f.94 2nd
frankston_bomber2005 2nd
Benfti 2nd
SteveB 2nd
BomberAbroad 2nd (08:00am 01 Jun 18)
Koala (QOK) 2nd (10:35pm 08 Jun)
BLTN 3rd
Clark_Griswold 3rd
Zimmer 3rd
Saladin 3rd
Chopsuey 3rd
HAP 3rd (8:40pm 28 May 18)
Slowstu 3rd (02:30pm 05 Jun 18)
up_up 3rd (07:06pm 05 Jun 18)
Diggers 4th
Dingus 4th
Swoodley 4th
Hoffy 4th
Frosty 4th
Socks&Garters 4th (08:00am 29 May 18)
Wimmera1 4th (10:32pm 30 May 18)
Mackster 4th (02:00pm 01 Jun 18)
WOB 4th (09:50am 02 Jun 18)
Davo 4th (05:30pm 03 Jun 18)
Deckham 4th (05:13pm 04 Jun 18)
AVanderScreamer 4th (01:30pm 07 Jun 18)
GiventoFly74 4th (09:47am 10 Jun 18)
Yossarian 4th (08:18pm 10 Jun 18)
PaulPeos 5th
Barnz 5th
SMJ 5th (1:07pm 27 May 18)
JohnRain 5th (03:30pm 31 May 18)
Lifetime_ban 5th (10:30pm 01 Jun 18)
Kira 5th (06:31pm 02 Jun 18)
Crazy_Bomber 5th (10:04am 03 Jun 18)
Kj_11 5th (10:30am 05 Jun 18)
Klawdy 5th (05:31 06 Jun 18)
Preliminary_Point2 5th (05:52pm 08 Jun 18)
Hambo 6th (11:30am 06 Jun 18)
MrJez 6th (11:01pm 07 Jun 18)
Dodga 5th (02:30pm 12 Jun 18)


Yes to the song, will save my pity yes for later maybe.





Yep (just)


Okay @Dodga, you got through the first one, let’s hear a ripper


Sure thing



Did you fart as you posted that?

That’s about the only possible explanation for you making reference to a ripper.

That was rubbish…NO


Domino is actually a great song, however, am not a fan of Human Fly.


I was only lukewarm about this band until I saw them at the Old Greek Theatre; they were fantastic. I like most of their stuff. Doesn’t look too popular though. Should have played Kizmiaz :grin: yes




The Cramps were the living embodiment of a one-trick pony. Nothing necessarily wrong with that but, unlike say The Ramones and AC/DC, they just never really had the tunes on the whole.
I like Can Your ■■■■■ Do The Dog? and a handful of others, but not this.


■■■■■ do the dog wouldve been good too.

Its interesting doing this thread. I was sure this would have racked a few easy votes. Obviously its unsafe and not going to everyones cup of tea. But I thought itd have some fans.


I would really like to quote just about every footballer ever and say “yeah nah”, but I did say I would save a pity vote for later and I really think you may need it on this song, so yes.






How is this a sure thing on this thread?

Still, this gets a comfortable yes from me.


“Bad music for bad people”

I’m a good person.