The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible


Some of the resorts there are crazy. Lots of crashes up middle aged American women looking for their eat pray love experience.


Wednesday night isn’t bath night…



Should I just nominate @JohnRain as my successor. :thinking:

Sob stories to get salty all salty.

And the beats will continue


Exactly. Bali is an expensive joint these days. For 40,000 yen, I am staying in Miyakojima.

Hope Mindcircus makes it through…


Noooooo. I will decline. I’ve been out of the thread for most of this week & I’m about to start cooking a BBQ for dinner. I’m months away from my next spin. Cheers, anyway.

p.s. @Crazy_Bomber isn’t having a bath. Throw him the headphones. Or @Davo @anastasios1979


School holidays are hard work. I rock up at 4.30 to take over from the day mob but there’s no groups due until 7pm so I’m on blitz. Group looks like being a no show so I’ll go home having done SFA except set up the mini stereo.


Au contraire… you could argue that the thread is slow because a week of ■■■■-house EDM broke the spell and drove many away never to return…
That’s what I choose to believe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah…what he said






Will the lovers or the haters reign supreme


I wanna hear some more dance music gems from your crate - while I’m BBQing some blue-cheese marinated wagyu steaks. Barmy evening here in Nihon.


I do like how you’ve labeled the BPM’s like a proper DJ.


Ha. Lent that album to a mate (along with a few others) & he put stickers on every single album. Left em there for posterity.


Gee @JohnRain…when I saw the title of that record I got a little bit excited…I thought for a moment it was some good old fashioned Oz Rock:



Fk… I would’ve settled for this over the sound of a broken computer that we got…


Sorry to disappoint. Would you prefer that country song?


Yes to Way Out West!

Jody Wisternoff is one of my faves.


I’d much prefer The Dingoes…then James Reyne & James Blundell…and then silence (The third option is not something I ever want to listen to again)


Lol that argument might fly if it wasn’t slow before that too :grin: