The Reigning DJ King (MK III) is @Koala the King Killing Drop Bear is Simply Irresistible


@Kj_11 set last week is my favourite of the whole 3 threads. It was going off in here


Yeah, I wish PP2 had of played the original version rather than the G&D remix, but it is still a banging track. Jody is cool, but Nick Warren is the nicest DJ/producer I have ever met. Just a legend.


8-6 go you good thing


The crowd is evenly devided by the time we get a few stragglers to vote. It might be rave day Thursday.


That was a good tune. Yes


Awww shucks :blush:


And a day early too.

Woo hoo!



West is Best


Falling in
Six hours from morning
And falling in…

@Kj_11 - that was such a fun evening. Can’t believe you played “Amphetamine”. My elderly neighbours copped that full blast. :grin:




Alright, alright time for my favourite trance tune.

@hambo I prescribe loud on a good stereo :crazy_face:



Platipus, baby.



Goosebumps. So many messy memories of this.

Fark yeah!


Platipus is my favourite label for this stuff. Late 90’s they made trance that was so much deeper and darker than the rest. Always listened to new Platipus recordings.




There goes the neighborhood.


I hope your turntable explodes and a white hot 12inch cuts your hands off.




Agreed. I have a shitload of their singles & also most of their compilations. They kicked off in 93, but were in their prime by the late 90s. Are you secretly Pappa? Ha, ha.

Love how you go out hard with the bombs. As @Klawdy said, so many unforgettable memories of this track. I played trance later in my sets, never straight up, unless I was spinning a pure trance set.


Im working on the basis that every spin is my last, so bombs all the way


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